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It’s the final (summer beauty) countdown

I’ve gone through phases with my summer beauty wardrobe. On one hand, I might have given myself too many options and on the other, just enough so I didn’t feel limited. It’s all psychological isn’t it? Really, though, I’m truly loving this experiment and got excited when I realized I should probably start thinking about fall. I’m going to stick with summer for another three weeks, just past Labor Day.

I did a mini audit of what I’ve been using and realized there’s some things I’ve used almost every day and some things I’ve barely touched. I’m going to do a rotation and make the most of my summer beauty.

First, things I’m close to finishing up.

I’m almost coming up empty on my IT Cosmetics CC Cream and Glossier Skin Tint – these have definitely been my summer workhorses. The coverage on the IT never ceases to amaze me. I’m also almost done with my NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil in Frivolous. I’ve gone through a handful of these over the years but for such a low maintenance pink color, it’s high maintenance to use. They need sharpening often. And, they are pretty glossy, so they will fill your sharpener with gloss. Regardless, I’m really glad I included Frivolous in summer. It’s the perfect I’m wearing makeup but you can’t tell lip color. I keep it in my purse and then usually curse when I pull it out and it’s a stubbie.

As for makeup I haven’t really used…

There are some surprises in here. My custom MAC palette. I made a point to put it on my bathroom counter now. I think with the move and travels, I haven’t given it enough love. It’s big and doesn’t fit in my travel makeup bag. I wish I had a slightly smaller size that didn’t have Cream Colour Bases in it. Cream products don’t last quite as long and looking at it every morning reminds me of how wasteful I am.

Ilia Cucumber Stick. Isn’t that weird? I was sure I would use this nonstop but the truth is it confuses me. Is it a toner? Skincare? Should I use it when I wake up to wake me up? Do I reapply it over my makeup? I’m deeply torn on the right way to use it. I feel like I missed a huge opp to bond with this by not bringing it to Mexico. I so needed the refresher in that heat.

MAC Strobe Cream. Nothing against you, MAC, I promise you’re a fav. It’s just that I haven’t used this peachy strobe cream more than a few times. I think I’ve wanted less on my face and I equate this more with winter beauty. When I want a strobe-y moisturizer under my makeup.

There have even been a few additions.

I apparently go through eyebrow pencils at rapid pace. I finished the It Cosmetics Super Skinny Brow Power in June and then broke an Anastasia replacement (not user error – super frustrating). TrèStiQue sent me their brow pencil, which has a built in brow setting gel not dissimilar to Boy Brow. However, Boy Brow is a perfect color match and I prefer the texture. The combo of the two has been working great for my brows.

I’ve also tried a few new mascaras. I knew this would happen because I was almost finished with my Lash Sensational and was looking for something easier to remove. Funny, I did not choose formulas that were easier to remove but I’m still pleased with my options. Dior’s new Pump’n’Volume formula has been such a worthy splurge. I also love L’Oréal Lash Paradise – the wand has really dense soft bristles that grab on to lashes well.

Last, I’m trying some new complexion products. I’m working with Make Up For Ever and am remembering how much I love the Ultra HD foundation. This isn’t so much new as it is a classic. I brought it to Mexico with me and ended up using it on four of the bridesmaids (we’re all about the same shade – Y245!)

I’ve also been testing Glossier Wowder. My first impressions are the packaging is straight genius. It has what Glossier calls trampoline mesh instead of those little holes that sift powder usually unsuccessfully. And the inside of the lid is custom fitted so it fits over the mesh circle. It’s dream packaging! I am trying it out now and going to be comparing it to my RMS Tinted Unpowder, which is what I’ve been using for years to set and reduce shine.

I’ll do a full recap when summer wraps. Definitely learning more about what I really love.

The Summer Eye Makeup I Can’t Stop Wearing

Last week was really comfortable outside so I decided to wear a little more makeup than I typically do to work. It didn’t take much more time to do but it was a noticeably different everyday look. I was getting ready, my makeup was done but I hadn’t done my hair and was still drinking coffee in my pajamas and my boyfriend made a point to call out that he liked what I did with my eyes. He’s not one to comment on my makeup typically so it was sweet that he noticed.

The look began with one of my staple summer beauty wardrobe eyeshadows, Armani Eye Tint in Nude Smoke. It’s the color of cappuccino and the perfect base layer that looks amazing on its own, too. I got this late last summer and knew I didn’t want it to go unused so that’s why I included it for summer. What I forgot to include was the other two Eye Tint colors I also had: a matte brown in the shade Leather Smoke and a shimmery white gold called Gold Ashes. I think I forgot how good these are together. It almost feels like I tore apart an eyeshadow family and they were always destined to reunite. Lesson learned. I also think I was missing a really deep shadow that I could easily use to contour my eyelid and layer along the lower lash line. These shadows are totally summerproof and wear like champs. Plus how fun is the sparkle in Gold Ashes? I love the depth it adds.

There’s been another slight evolution to my beauty wardrobe. Remember how I was trying to find a new mascara? I’ve been trying a few. One that is completely knocking my socks off is the Dior Pump’n’Volume. Why I decided to give it a shot, I’ll never really understand. I know there is a whole world of people that love Diorshow. It wins beauty award after beauty award, but it has never worked for me – smudge city immediately. I wrote off all of Dior mascaras as a result. But, somehow, I got it in my head that this one would be different after reading a few reviews and seeing Bella Hadid’s face plastered everywhere. Well done, Dior. You targeted me well on the internet with this one! But, guess what? It’s incredible and it doesn’t look like the aftermath of me watching too many of The Dodo videos on Facebook. It is different! At least for me. Mascara is so weirdly personal.

The idea with the pump is interesting but I dig it. You squeeze the tube a few times to soften the formula and load the brush – they recommend three squeezes for the most oomph – and then you squeeze the tube as you pull out the wand to remove off any excess. I use a few coats and couldn’t resist curling my lashes after it dried. I say do that with caution so you don’t clump and/or break any lashes off. I’m not worried with this formula – it’s soft and anyway, once you do it there’s no way to unsee that extra volume.

Everyday Makeup Look

I think the clouds stuck over Chicago are mirroring what it feels like to be a citizen in the U.S. right now. We are experiencing the cloudiest spell in 25 years. Since our world changed so dramatically, the only sliver of sun in Chicago appeared the day of the Women’s March – when it was also almost 60 degrees in Chicago. In January. If you believe in signs that will give you pause.

This week, I backed off my brighter lips and dusted off some of my favorite neutrals. It’s an everyday makeup look I’ll wear for work, the resistance, weekends, etc. You know. I started this year off all about the lip but I’m having a moment with this TOM FORD QUAD. I can’t get enough and it just looks so good with a pinky nude lip. It’s not that the colors are unique, but the formula makes it so special and luxurious. It’s like silk pajamas for your eyelids. The two lighter shades are so glowy and have that wet look when you apply and the lower left taupe is everything I’ve ever wanted in a crease color. I use the darkest shade as a lower lash eyeliner (as Emily suggested) and it rounds out the look. Because I like more definition for all day wear, I layer liquid liner on my upper lash. I used to only wear black but I’m into the slightly more subdued but still saturating Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in brown.

Something that also has me in an all-caps mood: FLAT IRON WAVES! As in, I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it on my hair. It really is all in the flick of the wrist (not to be confused with flicka da wrist). Lately, I’m all waves and this makeup look. And, chances are, this Everlane sweatshirt that I still wear nonstop.

Did you see that almost the entire RMS line is now sold at Sephora? It’s pretty cool to see organic ranges joining the ranks. I’ve been using the Lip 2 Cheek in Spell a lot recently – perfection in a pot.

Lashes by way of Maybelline. The Colossal Big Shot is as volumizing as it is lengthening. I like that it is easier to remove than my usual go-to mascara. I think Maybelline’s on a roll so far this year. I’ve been been raving on Instagram all week about Maybelline’s Dream Cushion compact foundation. It’s not just a great drugstore foundation; it’s a great foundation.

I also got a mini sample of Cover FX’s new setting powder. It’s the smartest sample packaging – there are holes so it’s not just one giant tub and it even has a protective cover in between the filter and the lid. That detail did not go unnoticed. I appreciate a good testing experience with minis. I really like the powder but jury’s still out if I would replace my RMS UnPowder.

Let’s hope this week brings not only sun but also courage. Looking at you rational leaders of America quietly standing by and watching an agenda of hate and fear plow over all of us.

Because of Instagram

beauty instagram

I think avoiding the internet would be a really effective way to save money. By far my biggest enabler is Instagram. I love the camaraderie of the beauty community and appreciate the lead on makeup worth trying…but the influence is real. I thought I’d round up a few “I did it because of Instagram” purchases and share my thoughts on if they were worth it or not.

popular instagram beauty products

instagram beauty buys

I usually pay attention to drugstore mascara but Maybelline Lash Sensational flew under my radar until I noticed that pretty silvery-pink tube in every beauty-grammer’s pics on the regular. I finally snagged it on a Target run and have been using it almost exclusively for a month. It has a fan wand that is the perfect size and it makes lashes look full and fluffy. Worth it: 100% yes! The only caution is that even the non-waterproof is hard to remove so go at it with something oil-based.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow and Arrow was my gateway into mattes. I had seen brown nude on everyone and was majorly curious. I was fearful it would look too dark on me but it’s actually the exact 90s look I was hoping to recreate. The formula was better than I imagined so this was one of those, “why did I wait so long to try,” Insta discoveries. 100% worth it.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar

Not only does Instagram love Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow but Charlotte herself told me in person that it was a must-have in every woman’s makeup bag. Silly me, why didn’t I listen to Charlotte? A full year later at Instagram’s reminder, I shelled out the (gasp) $70 for that old school glam compact. I love it, I really do, but there are similar products out there for much less. But the aesthetics here are stunning.

I use bronzer every single day so I like variety to spice things up. Kelsey raved about Urban Decay Beached Bronzer and we have similar skin tones so I decided to give the shade Sunkissed (the lighter of the two) a go. It’s a perfect match – no orange tones in sight – and I love the beachy look of the compact. I think pulling this out in the dead of winter will be a welcome sight.

h&m blush

H&M makes makeup now, ICYMI. I saw these chic looking compacts on Instagram and was surprised to see it was H&M. I was getting Tom Ford-ish vibes from the bronzers.  I picked up that and a few cheek colors and love the quality. Tawny Peach reminds me of the limited edition (aka…nowhere to be found) NARS Douceur, for a fraction of the price. Definitely worth checking out.

So, what has Instagram led you to try?

Eyes to Kill

Armani Beauty

One brand that always excites me and never fails to impress is Armani Beauty. I remember when they launched the Maestro foundation several years ago and I was mesmerized that it dispensed via a medicine dropper and went from liquid to dry oil when you pressed onto the skin. It was unlike anything I was using at the time. I imagine their product developers in a lab seeing how they can one up the surprise element. I’ll put this eyeshadow in the transformative category as well: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints are liquids – packaged like a tube of lip gloss! – that feel like a cream on the lid but dry down to a powder. All of this happens in less than 20 seconds. The beauty team at Influenster* sent me three shades to try as well as the new Armani Eccentrico Mascara and it’s been a good ride with these so far. I always feel so much better when luxury beauty delivers a special experience – we deserve more oomph when it costs that much! Armani definitely wines and dines you.

I use cream eyeshadows as a base product often – they’re easy “one and done” and usually don’t crease on eyelids. What I like most about these Eye Tints is that they layer so well with each other. I’m happy I tested a few of them together to really see how they’re different. I think it’s because they dry down to a powder so you don’t get any of that weird tugging. And, the colors don’t all blend together; they stay distinct so you can really get impact in the crease and outer corner. Important when you have small eyelids as I do.

Armani Eccentrico Mascara

The shade Nude Smoke is my favorite. It looks like a cup of cappuccino! It’s nearly the same color as my eyelid but a smidge darker so when I wear it you can see something is happening but it doesn’t look like eye makeup. Paired with a winged eyeliner and the Eccentrico mascara…oh honey, it’s good. I’d describe lashes on Eccentrico as insane. With ease. And, thankfully, no transfer at all.

I saw Sona Gasparan just posted a video where she layered a bunch of the Eye Tints and it really shows how well they perform together – give it a view, she does a much better job showing what I’m telling!

*anyone can sign up for Influenster and participate – it’s a cool community and sometimes they send you stuff to try! And no, they didn’t tell me to say that but I just thought you should know.

I Tried the Beautycounter Mascara and…

Beautycounter Mascara

…Loved it.

I’ve been on a major Beautycounter kick lately. Right before I moved – how has it been almost a month?! – I stopped by a friend’s Beautycounter event. You can find the brand easily online (and soon on Target shelves, too) but also through consultants who host events. I’m sure we all have a Facebook friend or (or five) that have a similar gig. I was way curious about the mascara so I ordered it up right away. Truth be told, I’m really happy with like five formulas at the moment including the one I always go back to but I can’t quite quit testing them anyways. This was worth the gamble – it’s all that!

Beautycounter mascara Beautycounter mascara

My biggest issue with mascara is transfer. I’d say more than half of every tube I try ends up under my eyes and it’s so frustrating. Waterproof is usually best if I want a guarantee but those are so hard to remove and I prefer a natural alternative. I went into this test with concerns about transfer because it has shea butter and conditioning oils. My friend said that she dusted a little setting powder under her eyes and has never had any problems. Great advice; I too had no issues with mascara where it doesn’t belong. I have only praise! I will agree that a sweep of powder – I use my trusty RMS Tinted Un Powder – to set concealer probably helps it stay put. Especially if you wear an emollient concealer, which I often do.

Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara

Beautycounter worked for three years to get this one right and I think the persistence paid off. It lengthens lashes with ease, layers without clumping, doesn’t flake or transfer (with proper precautions). The lengthening is especially impressive – I’d say it’s better at that than my go to CoverGirl Lash Blast.

Have you tried anything from Beautycounter? What should I try next?

It’s Not the Freakin Weekend Anymore

IT Cosmetics Mascara

Maybe I did too much this weekend because I feel like I did nothing. I accomplished very little around the house which always makes me feel stress-y come Monday morning. I really struggle with the balance of enjoying my weekend and catching up on life. If I don’t do the latter, I find I can’t relax and enjoy myself. Also giving me anxiety is The Good Wife (series, tear) finale. My sister said it best – I feel like a jilted lover. I had to chase it down with some Kardashians because I couldn’t just go to bed. That show has defined my Sunday nights for so long. For tradition sake, I poured myself of glass of wine (red, Alicia is very Olivia Pope in that way) and got out my nail polish. Went with Essie Urban Jungle this week; I’m still using some favs from the archives instead of buying anything new. Cannot stop thinking about the slap and have the image of Alicia tugging at her suit, gathering her composure. Too much.

I really did a ton this weekend but realized I spent it almost entirely in a sweatshirt. As soon as I got home Friday night, I put the Everlane crew neck (in grey) on and wore it for all but a few hours on Saturday night. It’s slouchy and oversized and looks awesome half-tucked into a pair of high-waisted denim. It’s the comfiest sweatshirt I have. It’s even a little tempting to wear it to work today. A lot, actually.

I started the weekend off on a fun note. The IT Cosmetics crew was in Chicago for a big event out in the burbs with Ulta on Saturday so we met up on Friday for a bit. I love their CC Cream and Brow Power and now I’m adding the Superhero Mascara to the list of IT must-haves. Like, holy cow, this so easily gives really long lashes. It doesn’t transfer or bleed, which is huge. It’s Laurie tears approved — I’m a cry laugher and I get emotional watching TV – so I know it’s a goodie.

Oh, and I made sure this weekend to snag the new Glossier Balm Dot Com trio! There’s a tinted Cherry and Rose plus a Mint version now! I can’t even wait. I have strong positive feelings about this product.

What did you do this weekend?

Express Yourself

CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara

I’ve been reading Women in Clothes this past month. Bits here and there. It’s not a book you need to read consecutively, rather best to soak up the collection of interviews, essays, conversations, surveys, photography, conversations and closet peeks over time. Hundreds of women share their POV on style and clothing and it is all so relatable and affirming. About halfway through the book is this list by Canadian artist Margaux Williamson on contemporary dressing.  She references that our faces communicate almost everything we thought we were hiding or enhancing through our clothes. “…communication happens with twitches of our muscles, with the way we move our eyes and lean our heads in. We have learned that people see who they are before they even look down.”

That feels true. We dress and rely on personal style to define ourselves, but our eyes and facial expressions tell the world who we are in that visceral sense.  They form opinions on who we might be and how we act by what our faces reveal, even before glancing down. I find myself constantly looking at peoples’ faces for cues. To see how they smile, what their eyes take in and the way they touch their hair and faces with their own hands. I’m aware of how my limbs travel upwards when I’m talking with someone. Are they studying me, too? Chances are, yes.

CoverGirl Plumpify

I asked my boyfriend the first thing he noticed about me when we met blindly for drinks. He said, “your eyes.”

CoverGirl Mascara

I wonder if he notices today the ways I try and accentuate them. Does he appreciate my CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara? Because I certainly do. I try every new CoverGirl mascara that comes out because they’re always the best at the drugstore. COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara has this double twisted wand and one of those rounded spiky tips to help you get lashes that are hard to get normally. If you start at the base of your lashes and roll the wand up, your lashes separate and immediately stand out. I do a few coats and once they dry give them a curl. If I use my lash curler, they get really long and I’m obsessed. I didn’t do it in these pictures, but you can see the extra oomph without. It’s an effort that warrants a second look from him, I say.

Women In Clothes

Pantene Airspray

I wonder if people notice how I always grab my hair with my hands when I’m talking to them. I’ll flip my part, sweep it behind my ear or even grab at the ends and cover up my lips. I think it depends on my comfort level. And, if I’m feeling “cute.”  As a rule, I don’t wear much hairspray because I fiddle with my hair all day. I do use Pantene Airspray, though. Pantene’s alcohol-free formula means my hair moves naturally (or with my forceful hands) and doesn’t get stiff or sticky. You just spray it and it sort of dries without adding any weight. It’s perfect, actually. If I’m curling my hair, I spray it once my curls are cooled to set them.

Clairol CC Conditioner Clairol Nice n Easy CC Conditioner

Speaking of hair, another non-clothing observation I find to be true is how we observe a change in hair. Color, style, cut, accessory, etc. I always notice when someone I see regularly does something different. I find myself in conversations a lot around my own “balayage.”  “Did you just get it done?” The color is constantly evolving as it grows or fades, so people continue to ask. Because I’m straddling the “bronde” color spectrum, I don’t want to deepen or brighten it up too much in a traditional lane BUT I am REALLY excited that you can get the conditioner that comes in a box of hair dye without the actual box of hair dye. Clairol Nice ‘n Easy CC Plus ColorSeal Conditioner is a real live thing! The brand must have been paying attention – for years, people have been stocking up on dyes only for the conditioner. It has a little more power than your average conditioner, helps keep color safe from stripping minerals in water and up the shine factor. Why hasn’t this been a thing before exactly?

I’m curious, what do you notice first about people? And, let me know any and all questions you might have on any of these products mentioned. I did some deep testing of the Plumpify mascara – waterproof version, included. I can tell you that it is indeed very (very!) waterproof.

This was sponsored by P&G Beauty. All opinions are based on my experiences and insights. Thanks for your continued support!

Puppy Dog Eyes

Clinique Chubby Lash

I have a special affection for Clinique. It’s one of the few brands that stirs up all sorts of beauty nostalgia but also keeps me excited in a modern way. I was using Clinique’s cake liner before I even got my driver’s license. I’m aware that isn’t usually how a girl’s journey with eyeliner starts but I like to think I was advanced for my age. Clinique still manages to get me jazzed to put on eyeliner. I’ve been experimenting with the new Skinny Stick and changing things up. Subtly, but noticeably. I’ve taken my go-to modified cat eye (I refer to it as the kitten) and gone puppy. That is, instead of flicking up and out for that wing effect you flick downward. I’m not mad at this baby animal terminology, I’ll tell ya that much.


I read all about puppy eyeliner on The Wink and figured sweet big puppy dog eyes could be a look I’d get behind. Plus, I think I’m already starting to resemble my Boston Terrier. It’s clear to me that we already share similar behavioral traits. Seriously, Betty thinks when I tell her to sit that I’m really trying to play and goes off in search of every toy she owns. She is a selective listener to the extreme. So, no one is more surprised than me when I ask her to “come get pretty” she climbs directly into my lap, onto her back and drapes a paw in my direction to signal that I should start clipping her nails. Guys, my dog responds to a mani/pedi command!


Have you ever seen those photo roundups promising “people who look just like their dog”? They’re total clickbait but always so spot on. I might not be far off. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – Betty can pretty much get anything she wants with her big beautiful eyes.

I took the Skinny Stick in the deepest black shade and smudged it into the lash line, a little imperfectly. Then, I retraced the line with liquid liner to give it more pop, staying very close to my lash line. Finished it off going against my instinct and did not flick it out and up. Puppy eyes in full effect! I had to do this with my eye open. You’ll find it will look a little odd if you do it with your eyes closed, depending on your eye shape. I finished it with the Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara which – holy cow – gives lashes crazy volume. The oversized brush is much appreciated by me and really saturates your lashes with intense color. Black is classic (a.k.a. ‘jet’ in Clinique land) but I’m most excited by the Black Honey variation, which I hear is limited. Hopefully that changes because we all know how that berry hue can stand the test of time. Both the Skinny Stick and Chubby Lash get an A++ from me.

OK, I’m off to go take another selfie with Betty now…she is so demanding!

Lashing Out

Kjaer Weis Mascara

Trying out new makeup is fun. Except when it comes to mascara. It’s always such a roll the dice affair. In order for me to truly put it through a day in the life, I actually like to wear it for a full day in the life. So when it transfers and flakes by the time I get to work, it throws my whole day (and mood) off. Sure, I may have brought about 20 lipsticks with me to Toronto, but I only brought one mascara. It’s the most functional beauty product and I don’t want to switch it up by mood. After a particularly exhausting stretch of tossing out tube after tube, I picked up a refill of the Kjaer Weis Mascara since I still had my original sleek silver tube hanging out in a drawer. I loved this when I first tried it but naturally got beauty ADD and started trying new formulas when it got time to replacing the cartridge. My mistake – how was I not more excited by the fact that my mascara was REFILLABLE?! And how did I forgot the lovely scent of roses and lavender every time I use this? Or the fact that it never flakes or smudges and can be layered and curled without any damage to lashes?

Natural Mascara

Shove aside any notions you may have about natural mascara being subtle and tame because Kjaer Weis plumps up my lashes just as good as a Diorshow (for what it’s worth, that particular formula smears on me by lunchtime). The trick is to apply a coat, let it chill for a bit, curl your lashes and then if you’re really wanting to amp it up, apply one more coat. No clumping or damaging dryness , just some luscious lashes you’ll want to bat around.

The refilling part is easy peasy, too. I took a pair of tweezers to pull out the old cartridge and pulled out the wand and simply slotted in a new set. Bam!

Low to Luxe: Mascara


Many of my conversations with friends and co-workers often start with or lead to beauty talk. It’s just my trade, ya know? Everything from dry shampoo tricks (my friends don’t like washing their hair either!) or what mascara should I buy? I’m starting a new series on 312 Beauty inspired by these informal chats called “Low to Luxe.”  I’ll take a category and give you my opinion on the best product from drugstore to lavish high-end. There’s a time and place for everything, so let this be your guide to practical choices and when to get all splurge-y.  Let’s start it off with mascara!

While I switch up my beauty routine nearly daily, I am incredibly loyal when it comes to lashes. Sure, I’ll try anything once but if it flakes or smears it’s a goner. In the words of Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Let’s start with the drugstore. For years, I’ve been recommending almost exclusively Maybelline The Falsies. I love the “spoon” wand and the fluttery lashes it creates. But now I’m adding CoverGirl Clump Crusher into the mix. CoverGirl says you can put up to 30 coats of this on without it clumping and they’re not kidding. I’ve tried to get this to clump and it just.WILL.not. Buy it and try it. It will astound you.

There’s a ton of average performers in the mid-price point. Higher price doesn’t necessary equal better – especially with mascara, an item you have to throw out after a few months anyway. Two that I’ve bought repeatedly are Tarte Gifted Mascara and Benefit They’re Real. Tarte blows my mind with this formula — to the point my lashes are practically hitting my eyebrows. A bit of liquid eyeliner right on the lashline and you have d-r-a-m-a. Plus, it comes off very easily. They’re Real wears like iron and the spikey tip helps separate and lengthen every single lash. The only downside (and it’s worth it) is that removing it takes real effort.

If you’re in the mood to #treatyoself, look no further than Guerlain Noir G Mascara. The jewel case is fancy-town, and the mascara lives up to its potential, even helps lashes to grow thanks to a keratin infusion. The good news is the case is reusable and Guerlain sells refill mascaras for $26.

Given how personal mascara can be, I know you all have a POV to share on the low to luxe scale. Let me know the mascara you love!