It’s Not the Freakin Weekend Anymore

IT Cosmetics Mascara

Maybe I did too much this weekend because I feel like I did nothing. I accomplished very little around the house which always makes me feel stress-y come Monday morning. I really struggle with the balance of enjoying my weekend and catching up on life. If I don’t do the latter, I find I can’t relax and enjoy myself. Also giving me anxiety is The Good Wife (series, tear) finale. My sister said it best – I feel like a jilted lover. I had to chase it down with some Kardashians because I couldn’t just go to bed. That show has defined my Sunday nights for so long. For tradition sake, I poured myself of glass of wine (red, Alicia is very Olivia Pope in that way) and got out my nail polish. Went with Essie Urban Jungle this week; I’m still using some favs from the archives instead of buying anything new. Cannot stop thinking about the slap and have the image of Alicia tugging at her suit, gathering her composure. Too much.

I really did a ton this weekend but realized I spent it almost entirely in a sweatshirt. As soon as I got home Friday night, I put the Everlane crew neck (in grey) on and wore it for all but a few hours on Saturday night. It’s slouchy and oversized and looks awesome half-tucked into a pair of high-waisted denim. It’s the comfiest sweatshirt I have. It’s even a little tempting to wear it to work today. A lot, actually.

I started the weekend off on a fun note. The IT Cosmetics crew was in Chicago for a big event out in the burbs with Ulta on Saturday so we met up on Friday for a bit. I love their CC Cream and Brow Power and now I’m adding the Superhero Mascara to the list of IT must-haves. Like, holy cow, this so easily gives really long lashes. It doesn’t transfer or bleed, which is huge. It’s Laurie tears approved — I’m a cry laugher and I get emotional watching TV – so I know it’s a goodie.

Oh, and I made sure this weekend to snag the new Glossier Balm Dot Com trio! There’s a tinted Cherry and Rose plus a Mint version now! I can’t even wait. I have strong positive feelings about this product.

What did you do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “It’s Not the Freakin Weekend Anymore

  1. Sandra Manley

    This is such a great description of how I feel at the beginning of the week (like….did I actually have a restful weekend, or was I catching up on laundry for two straight days?)

    Treated myself to Butter London’s Fiver nail polish- hoping it’ll be a nice workweek mint 🙂

    As always, love the blog!

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