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Serenity Now

Is 2016 going to be the year of calm? For seemingly the first time, there’s a direct wellness bent to Pantone’s Color of the Year. The Pantone Institute, declarer of color trends, chose Rose Quartz and Serenity as its color(s) for 2016. In their explanation, they mention our need to “seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses” and how these colors join together to “demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”  I’m buying into this school of thought. I think these colors are soothing and noticed I have all sorts of RQ and Serenity around my home and in my beauty routine.

Pantone 2016

Chicago jewelry maker Michelle Starbuck designed this beautiful Picasso Jasper Necklace. I’ve seen it at her studio and everyone has slightly different color variances. To me it looks like the sky – I love the shape of the pendant!

I’m really into this rosy lipstick from nūdus. The color rocks but the formula is really what sets it apart. It’s like a juice for your lips – there’s organic cold pressed oils from pumpkin, kiwi, raspberry and pomegranate.

Ahhhh, serenity to a T: May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon. This blue balm is my special winter treat. Majorly moisturizing and made with blue tansy (from chamomile) to ease emotional anxiety.

Be so on top of those Color of the Years with these Rifle Paper Co watercolor thank you cards. One of my 2016 intentions: send more handwritten thanks.

Spritzing rosewater on your skin has tons of skin care benefits and is a ritual I enjoy, especially for a mid-day refresh. In addition to Bulgarian rose water, Aster & Bay’s mist also has honeysuckle extract, aloe and Himalayan pink salt…which you can get a little taste of if you lick your lips. It’s that same satisfaction I get when I eat/drink the salt off a margarita glass.

Another made in Chicago gem: La Bella Figura Crema Virtuosa. The secret ingredient here is a tree resin called Sangro de Drago. You can’t feel it or see it but it forms an “invisible” protective layer on skin and underneath, the resin goes to work in a time release manner. It’s crazy how effective this night time moisturizer is, especially when topped with a facial oil to seal it all in further.

One of my favorite ever Essie polishes, the so serene Lapiz of Luxury.

Cuyana’s motto is fewer, better. I love this wallet – the leather is buttery soft and meant to last.

Cheers to a year of calm!

312 To Do: A Night for Green Beauty

A Night for Green Beauty Chicago

Pssst….Chicago friends: What are you doing on August 6?

I hope the answer to that question is coming to the West Loop between 6-10 p.m. Tomorrow is going to be major. I’m fully anticipating smiling for eight hours straight and getting a little weepy at times. You see, it’s nearly time for A Night for Green Beauty — the best (and only!) eco-beauty event that happens every summer. This is the third and (cue tears) final year. Previous summers, I trekked to New York and LA but this year it is in Chicago! At the awesome Venue One in the West Loop.

I can’t think of a better way to cap off this event that has introduced me to so many amazing women than in CHICAGO. This community is so special. Girl power on speed. The event itself is the brilliant brainchild of Chicago ladies Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King of La Bella Figura and it’s evolved into one heck of a shindig. There’s face time and personal interaction with the founders of brands – May Lindstrom of May Lindstrom, Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics, Suzanne Leroux of One Love Organics – and some 30+ more. Everyone is releasing new beauty and sampling their wares. This year, there is even a runway show and (gasp) I’m modeling in it for BeauTeaBar. The only other time I’ve “modeled” is in a Walmart fashion show in 1988….in a bathing suit. Yes, a Walmart fashion show. Just a small town girl…

I hope you can make it. I’m going to be recapping some of the highlights for you after the event and showing you ALL of the beauty goods. Because there’s just too much to fit into one blog post.

See you tomorrow?

Gift Local This Holiday

Chicago Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday on the internet is a scary place to be.  Anyone else get absolutely sucked in by all of the sale emails? Self-control is the name of the game. I’d give my BF performance a C+ this year, guys. While I did hit up some brick & mortar shops, most of the damage I did was online. In the process, though, I developed the ultimate gift guide to help you treat all the loves on your list. This year, I’m doing holiday gift guides the 312B way…local, feminine and bold. It’s how I roll. First up, let’s start with Chicago’s finest.

I am a coco-oil devotee and often recommend others get on the bandwagon. But giving someone a giant tub of Nature’s Way isn’t exactly a “pretty” gift. Enter Cocovit, harvested from fair trade coconuts in South India and made in the 312. That packaging, tho…right? They even make a mini!

I deem La Bella Figura’s Lisette La Coquette to be the perfect red lip tint for all. I’ve seen it on all complexions, from my shade of fair to THEE Lisette who has a deep olive complexion. It looks banging every time. I also recommend checking out the LBF Skin Tonics that are like vitamins for your skin, meant to be used before moisturizer and serums. I’m all about gifting for the complexion!

There’s a great shop on Montrose and Winchester called Alapash, owned by the terrarium master of the USofA— seriously, no one does it better than Marco. He takes such care in his craft, calling the succulents his “little babies.” His shop is filled with all sorts of unique treasures and he even has a pop-up at Gallery 19 until January 1.

One of the highlights of my year was discovering the talented Michelle Starbuck. I constantly wear her jewelry and am gifting it to just about everyone this holiday (spoiler alert). I love her stud earrings – especially these diamonds – and the malachite conical necklace!

Being the beauty gal that I am, I like to gift a makeup bag and fill it with a few beauty treats. I love the simple masculine aesthetic of Pine & Plastic designs – handmade, sewn and painted in Chicago by a young designer named Andrew Wayne.

Anyone living in the Midwest knows: blankets are ALWAYS a perfect gift. Maya Mueble (founded by Emily Prendergast and her brother Brian) discovers small family artisans in Latin America and brings their handcrafted creations to Chicago. This wool blanket is made in a small village of Guatemala with a foot on treadle loom and is the thickest coziest blanket I’ve ever felt!

And, if you are in Chicago and you prefer to do your gift-getting in person, there are a few great shows coming up. Renegade Market is back for the holidays on December 6 and 7 at the Bridgeport Art Center and Dose Market is December 14 in the West Loop.

The Anticipation is Real

La Bella Figura Disco Queen Gloria

Anticipation is a funny feeling. Sometimes it comes in the form of anxious nerves, full on panicky sweats, butterflies in the tum excitement and so many thoughts in the head ya can’t even sleep. My life is one big ball of anticipation lately – loads of serious and unknown – but also excitement for this creamy rose gold blush that launches today. She’s here! Her name is Disco Queen Gloria and I want to wear her to ALL the holiday parties. To their credit, La Bella Figura has been one big tease leading up to this release. Just as soon as LBF’s makeup collection came out – ya know, (Just) Jenna, (La Coquette) Lisette, (Brazilian) Denise and (Damn) Elvia – they started working on a few limited edition holiday colors. The anticipation has been building for me since September! The subtle gold flecks mixed with that feminine rose color? I mean, perfection. Use it on cheeks, temples, lips or lids — no rules persay. You do the Disco Queen your way. DQG is also joined by a creamy silver and olive duo that looks equally spectacular.

photo via La Bella Figura

More Than Makeup

La Bella Figura

Every time I break out I curse a little bit. There’s usually a bit of why me anguish – because it always appears in the most unfortunate of places – and then the blame game. I’m always looking for a logical explanation and usually there is one. Starts with chem and ends with cal. Out of this cycle is an emerging trend that my La Bella Figura ladies are dominating, along with Kjaer Weis, RMS and Gressa: Skin care first, makeup second. Enough with that blemish biz! Let’s be good to our faces. When I was in LA last month for A Night for Green Beauty, LBF officially launched their makeup filled with vitamins, minerals, omegas and breathable waxes that do not clog pores. Each color wears flawlessly on the face and lips and can be as vibrant and bold as you want it to be.

La Bella Figura Makeup

The colors are cheekily named for their friends and family. There’s Lisette La Coquette after LBF co-founder Victoria’s sister. She’s a Chicago girl, too! And having met her a few times I can see why this ruby crimson lip tint bears her name. Her deep olive skin rocks this color like a boss. Last Friday I met Just Jenna and now definitely connect that cheery orchid hue for lips and cheeks with her bubbly personality. Oh, and if you were at A Night for Green Beauty, it was hard to miss the fabulous Brazillian Denise at the LBF table. May we all take on a little bit of Denise’s persona with this gold highlighter that also doubles as eye shadow. You can see tons of #morethanmakeup pics on Instagram. Including this one by yours truly!

Let’s Do This Thang! A Night for Green Beauty

A Night for Green Beauty 2014

It’s almost here! A Night for Green Beauty is officially going down on Thursday, August 7. This is the second annual event – the first was in New York last September – bringing together eco beauty brand leaders and enthusiastic people (like moi!) for a night of glamour and luxurious eco beauty. It’s free to the public and if you are in SoCal, I hope to see you there on Thursday. If you’re not, I promise to Instagram my way through the event.  I have been counting down the days since Victoria first shared her ANFGB vision with me back when it was still polar vortexing outside. I’ve heard rumblings of new eco beauty debuts and am way excited to check out everyone’s wares.


Beautycounter Lip Sheer – These gold tubes are as chic as can be and I have a feeling what’s inside is equally so. // Indie Lee Blemish Stick– I’m looking forward to meeting Ms. Lee and it’s high time I tried the blemish stick that everyone is raving about. Laurel Organics Eye Balm – Did someone say BALM? This has a blend of 24 ingredients that address fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Word is that they are giving out 20 full-sized samples at the event.  // La Bella Figura Golden Corrective Highlighter  – LBF is launching their makeup line this week! Or should I say “more than makeup” since it is skincare first, color second. I need this golden cream highlighter on my cheekbones yesterday. // One Love Organics Vitamin C Body OilI have warm and fuzzies towards this body serum and team OLO is using ANFGB as a focus group for its new body polish. Holla! // Odacite Serum ConcentrateI’m hoping the Odacite crew can give me advice for a custom pure elements plan.  Each drop is a concentrated dose of vitamins and antioxidants and you mix and match to suit your needs. // LURK Perfume OilI first met Anne Sanford of LURK at last year’s event and was enchanted by her beautiful perfume oils. This one is rose on rose on rose and I can’t get enough. Rumor is she has something new coming out this week, too. //  Kahina Fez Hand & Body Balm – Again. Did someone say BALM? Can’t wait to massage this into my mitts!

The List: March 2014


Maybe it’s because I got a taste of summer in Tulum or the fact that I can’t possibly fathom the idea of wearing boots and sweaters for another month. Either way, I’m not interested in buying anything else for winter. I’m completely over it. Now that everyone is bringing out their spring and summer wears, I’ve got quite the shopping list assembled. Here are a few things I’m excited about for March!

PRETTY GLOSS: Literally, this is the name of the strawberry pink gloss in Chantecaille’s spring collection. You won’t find a more chic tube – this one was even made famous by Angelina when she whipped it out of her purse at the Golden Globes a few years ago. // NECTAR CHEEKS: I’m all about the cheeks in Bobbi Brown’s spring Nectar & Nudes collection. This pot rouge with a sweep of her classic Shimmer Brick in the most perfect coral hue looks so fresh. // BUCKET  BAG: I want in on the trend, but not at $400. Found: the perfect alternative at Zara. On its way to me now. //  NEW SKINCARE: I’ve been testing a lab sample of La Bella Figura’s new Enzyme Cleaner and I look forward to the evening when I get to slather this rosy and grapefruit goodness on my face. It officially launches this week and I can’t wait to snag a full bottle. // ROOM SPRITZ: I long for the days where I can open up the windows and let fresh air in. In the meantime, settling for Antica Farmacista Prosecco Room Spray. This was part of the recent Space NK gift – such a fun discovery!  // SPRING BOOTS: I can see myself wearing these lace-up wedges into the ground. Anthro sealed the deal for me with this insta! // BAUBLEBAR x ANTHRO: Two of my favorites! I want it all. Especially this necklace.

Beach Beauty Essentials


I’ve finally got this packing light thing down. All of my necessities for five days in Tulum came with me carry-on only. I’m prepared to blind everyone at the pool with this sequined tote. I was eyeing it up at Anthropologie before the holidays and spotted it again a few weeks ago for more than half off. Score! It fits a ton – even my laptop if I want it to. For Tulum, I’ve packed it with a new book, a stack of magazines, my iPad (JUST finished the first season of House of Cards) and a few other essentials.

The Frends headphones fold in half, which make them so travel-friendly. I love they are especially made for women so they don’t feel or look ginormous. These sunglasses I snagged at Old Navy are another purchase I’m so happy about. I love the rose gold accent and patterned stems – and the fact that I only paid $15 for them. It’s the little things, guys.


SPF is the name of the game on this trip. My quart-sized bag is packed to the brim with several tubes of Supergoop and I’ve brought along Juice Beauty CC Cream for another layer of SPF on the face. Gives enough coverage and also adds a dewy finish. Add a touch of this on the cheeks and and there’s my two-step beauty routine in Tulum. There’s Fresh Sugar Honey Balm so I don’t forget to SPF my lips and I skipped the spritz in favor of La Bella Figura Travel Therapy. I always dab it on my wrists when I fly and it doubles as a perfume. A very sexy and relaxing one at that!

For more on Tulum, check out Insta. I keep promising to keep it light on the beach photos, because…ya know, 10 degrees back at home, but, it’s all so pretty to photograph here!

How to Make Foundation Look Natural


I want it all when it comes to my makeup. I especially want that full coverage foundation to look completely natural, like it is my actual skin. The good news, it is much easier to get that second skin look than you think. The first step is a moisturized face — makeup just won’t sit well on dry skin and will only get worse as the day wears on. Dry office air, anyone? It’s the second step, though, that really makes the difference. After applying your foundation (cream/liquid/tinted moisturizer), spritz a toning mist all over your face and buff buff buff. And buff some more. I take my Cargo Magic Brush (the name says it all) and spritz the La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs all over. The key is to do it right after applying foundation and before any other makeup. The finish is dewy and natural—so good you could stop right there. But, I’d recommend a few dabs of cream blush on the cheeks for good measure. I adore LBF’s mist with coconut water and hyaluronic acid for hydration and jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, carrot seed hydrosol (see ya redness!) and white peony to balance PH levels in skin. But, you don’t need to spend a lot of dollars to benefit from this trick. The Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin, at about $6 a bottle, is equally up to the task.


A few of my favorites, low-to-luxe style:

$ Rosewater & Glycerin Spray / 100% Pure Organic Rose Hydrasol $$ Caudalie Beauty Elixir / ZENMED Nutrient Boost Spray / ED4OLO Vitamin D  $$$ Kahina Toning Mist / La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs / Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Washing Your Face Will Never Be The Same


I’m not sure how it happened, but suddenly washing my face is one of the most exciting parts of my day. We all do it, but do you ever stop and think about it? Of course not. Washing your face is a necessary utility, and one that more often or not leaves your face feeling dry and stripped. If anything gives me that feeling now, it’s a total red flag. One that is usually followed by multiple breakouts. The absolute worst. Good news, you don’t have to scrub your face off for it to truly be clean. I predict this year will be the year of the face wash. It’s a changing, people, all for the good. Forget about soap and water, and get excited about the new guard.

Vitamin B and fruit enzymes. The Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics oil cleanser is not just a “first step” like so many other oil cleansers. It’s the only one you need and you’ll savor every moment you spend massaging this onto skin. Marvel at how easily it takes off your makeup and how soft and moisturized your skin feels after.

Oil meets gel. Now, this one is a pre-release sample but I couldn’t NOT include La Bella Figura’s incredible cleanser. I’m pretty sure they made it for me, since it smells of rose and pink grapefruit. Apply 1-2 pumps onto dry skin and then soak a hot muslin cloth over skin to remove. I am impressed with how well this removes makeup and love the fluffy gel texture. Coming soon!


Grains. Washing your face with clay and oats results in baby smooth skin. Hana Organics added some poppy seeds and lavender and created a dry mix you blend with water to create a paste. Thicken the mixture if you fancy a mask. Bonus: it exfoliates as well!

Mud. It looks and tastes like chocolate pudding. That alone is all I need but of course May created much more than dessert with Honey Mud. Honey is a natural antibacterial and witch hazel, frankincense and myrrh do their part as well (no breakouts, promise!)

Plant fibers. Sensitive skin types, listen up. Dr. Sponge can be used on you, and also babies. It’s soft like jello and can be used day or night. It removes makeup (if a heavy makeup day, you may need backup), dirt, oil and absolutely demolishes blackheads. I’m a convert.

Keep Calm and Blue Tansy On


The idea that things slow down during holidays is pure myth. I’m not complaining – life is good, but between holiday shopping, work, work travels, friends and family I am spent. I consider it a major success that I finished all of my holiday shopping and have all but a handful of gifts wrapped. Though, it’s followed by the fact that I didn’t send holiday cards this year. I am really kicking myself for not getting my sh*t together. No one is harder on me than me. Next year, I vow to plan ahead and have them ordered by November 1.

But, let’s focus on the positive. All of my holiday shopping is done! One of my favorite finds (that I may have self-gifted already…oops) is La Bella Figura Holiday Essential Mini Set. The LBF ladies were at Dose Market a couple Sundays ago and I scooped this right up. The star of the set is the brand spanking new Travel Therapy Mood Booster as well as mini rollerballs of the Daily Elements Defense and Barbary Fig Renewal Serum which are so handy for travel.  This mini deal was a fleeting one — not at all surprised to see it sold out already — but the Travel Therapy is sticking around, thankfully. It serves a purpose – calming you the eff down, but is an unbelievably sexy fragrance, too. The Blue Tansy essential oil has the most lovely aroma, especially when paired with Italian Blood Orange and Rose essential oils, and is the source of all that calming power. The oil is said to help release tension, anger and overwhelming feelings. Note: this is also a main ingredient in May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon. Perhaps this duo is how I’m surviving December?

Green Beauty for Black Friday


Stark Skincare Neroli Midnight Oil // May Lindstrom The Honey Mud // Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation + Brush // La Bella Figura Decouverte Under Eye Serum // Herbal Philosophy Feel Beautiful Tea

It is straight up overwhelming to keep up with all of the deals for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. If your email inbox looks anything like mine, chances are you’re aware of your options. The deals are there if you choose to seek them out. I won’t spend much time directing you to all of the places to spend your hard earned dollars – there are hundreds of other bloggers that have already conquered that task! What I’m most excited about is supporting my green girls — May, Kirsten, Victoria and Jess. They work their tails off and are the poster children for small biz Saturday. I’m hoping to see a flurry of sale emails from them and retailers like Spirit Beauty, EcoDiva and the new Beautea Bar tomorrow. Mama needs some Honey Mud!

I know for sure that everything on Stark Skincare, including the brand new Neroli Midnight Oil, will be 15% off through Monday, December 2, and I think we can also expect the annual La Bella Figura buy-one-get-one promo on their cult fav Eye Serum.

And, because I’ll be spending the overnight hours here for work (not a bad place to have a media event!) you know I’ll be swinging by Last Call (everything is 40% off) and J. Crew Factory (50% off!)

The List: November 2013


November has its perks. The holidays are in sight and that means lots of sparkle and shine. Everywhere, really. The streets are now glowing with holiday lights and walking into J. Crew this time of year is like strolling through candy land. If winter decides to encroach on the last bits of fall, even that is welcome. You know…big picturesque snowflakes, infinity scarves and warm boots. Everything is just better in November. Here’s what I’m loving for the month ahead.

Dewy skin. Drier air has moved in and I’m feeling it on my skin. Time to break out the moisture-rich Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. I love the finish and the coverage but tend to avoid it in the summer months. It’s just right this time of year.

Bronzed complexion. Who says bronzer is only for summer? I think it’s fresh and modern to wear bronzer and hardly anything else on the skin. RMS Buriti Bronzer is a cream bronzer made with Brazilian Buriti Oil and can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips (see it in action on Bare Beauty – stunning!) Pur Minerals Mineral Glow Bronzer is subtle enough to dust all over and and for a peachy bronze, the creamy Kjaer Weis Desired Glow is where it’s at.

Incense. Diptyque’s holiday collection is sick, guys. They are the ultimate splurge but my gosh, I need no convincing. Nicky Kinniard of Space NK gifted me with a mini of the Indian Incense – frankincense, myrrh and rose, can you even? – and it’s transformed my living room into some exotic destination. It’s all very “we three kings” and puts me in the mood for the holidays.

Body serum. Speaking of exotic…Kahina’s Fez Body Serum. I’ve never been to Morocco, but I think I have a good idea of what it smells like. I tried a mini sample from a recent Spirit Beauty Lounge order and it was incredible. Stay with me – rose and orange blossoms layered over patchouli, vetiver, ylang ylang with hints of cumin and clove. I’ve never smelled anything like it before. I want to take a hot steamy bath every night and layer this on after. Adding to the allure is this New York Times culture piece on Fez, the city. Kahina may be singlehandedly responsible for boosting Moroccan tourism.

Neutral tote. Leopard print is the hardest working neutral. I’ve added this French Connection ‘Animal Mania’ Tote to my wishlist. It would fit my computer and just about everything else I lug around. What do you think?

Mini oils.  Can it be November 15, already, so this little trio can be mine? La Bella Figura is launching a value set for the holidays – a rollerball of the Daily Elements Defense, Barberry Fig Renewal Serum and the brand spanking new Travel Therapy Mood Booster with some mighty fine soothing botanicals (including rose essential oil – my fav!)

312 To Do: Noktivo Green Spa

There’s no shortage of fantastic spas in Chicago, and there’s a new one in Lincoln Square that’s grabbed my attention. I’d heard rumblings of a new “green” eco-friendly only spa space opening in the city and just last week, Noktivo, located in Lincoln Square, opened its doors.


Noktivo’s pedicure stations


Noktivo Owner Jenny Perillo

I stopped by to chat with owner Jenny Perillo, of Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa fame, and get a peek at the menu – which, as you can now see online, is totally amazing.  A nail artist by trade, Jenny spoke to me about how breathing in chemicals day in and out really took a toll on her health. It’s why everything she uses in Noktivo is chemical-free. And she spared no pampering – this menu is stacked. The nail offerings are some of the best I’ve seen in price and service. There’s the “express” mani for $12 if you’re going no-frills or the Milk & Honey for $17, a.k.a. the  Lulu Blossom experience of shea butter, honey, coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract. And the one I can’t wait to try? The Salt-n-Pepper pedicure, which includes an organic salt scrub blended with black pepper, vitamin E and hydrating oils.


Jenny loves Spa Ritual polishes – the colors, wear and social good of the company


Noktivo will have a makeup artist on duty. Also, I’ve got to get my hands on that Eco-Tools fan brush!

Noktivo-Essential-OilsEssential oils in the facial room

And it just gets better from there. Jenny wants Noktivo to be all about education and not just a one-time facial treatment with products you’ll never use again. Her team offers skin consultations and a variety of facials, beginning at $85. All of Noktivo’s facials incorporate products local to Chicago. There’s the Noktivo Signature which uses Purelements Naturals, the Au Chocolat with Chicago’s own CALM Skincare and the one I’m most curious about: the Modern Radiance Luxury Facial with La Bella Figura products. Noktivo will also sell products from One Love Organics, Lulu Blossom, CALM, Mad Hippie and La Bella Figura, as well as host “Beauty Baking” classes to show you how to mix up your own scrubs and skin care.

The grand opening festivities are coming soon — if you’re a 312-er, get on the list!

Twas A Night For Green Beauty


I’m back from a quick 36-hour jaunt to NYC for A Night for Green Beauty. You know what happens when you bring together a group of fanatical beauty bloggers, makeup artists, editors, brands and juice-spiked cocktails? Really amazing discussions on things like, which natural deodorant did you wear to the party? For the record, the answers were really interesting – the Green Product Junkie even whipped out a roll-on tube of Milk of Magnesia on the spot. And the proof is in the pudding, ladies. Take a good look at the glowing skin of these green gurus and you will be an instant natural skincare convert. Lina Hanson is so beautiful you almost can’t look at her directly and I really just can’t EVEN with May Lindstrom. Stunning.

While breaking down an entire night of green beauty goodness will be tough, I’ll give it a go!


Pretty little Lurk fragrance oils

One of the stylists at James Corbett Salon sat me down in his chair for a much-needed refresh with Tela Organics hair care. I usually give the stank eye to stylists who come at me with a paste but I’m glad I was feeling risky or I never would have discovered the Tela Beach Hair. The oomph it gave to my roots was pure sexpot. I now know never to doubt when shea butter is involved. This won’t be the last you hear from me on this product!


ILIA’s Sasha Plavsic and me

ILIA Founder Sasha Plavsic shared some deets on new launches. Look out for a new gold highlighter to come this holiday and reformulated mascaras. Also, you need to try the ILIA Lipstick Crayon in Call Me. It’s the perfect girly pink I’ve been searching for like ever.

La Bella Figura is at it again with exotic travel-inspired fragrance oils. This time, they brought to scent their experiences from San Miguel, Istanbul and Positano.  I’m partial to San Miguel, which Victoria will vividly paint the picture of how it came to be based on her experiences in the city during Dia De Los Muertos and how the streets smelled of fresh bread, cocoa, cinnamon, wildflowers and incense.

Lina Hanson is also working on taking the fresh grapefruit and vanilla aroma of her new Global Body Serum and turning it into a fragrance.  And, for moms of wee ones, she is also launching a Baby Serum this fall.

I chatted with team Kjaer Weis, pressing for details on the new foundation coming and getting in some physical exercise by doing reps with the weighty compacts! I’d be one happy gal if my makeup bag was filled to the brim, even if it caused lower back pain! I need to get on the taupe eye shadow Wisdom stat.


Alexandra of Revolution Organics touching up Katie of the Green Product Junkie

Summer may be fleeting but bronzer is here to stay. Revolution Organics Co-founder Alexandra Zanella showed me how to use the Bronzed Freedom Glow to bring life to the face. A fun and easy trick that actually makes you look like you were in the sun? Blending ever so slightly a dab on the tip of your nose.

After standing in my four-inch booties for hours, I was feeling the burn and onset of blisters. First time in boots all season is killer! It was fate that at that very moment I struck a conversation with Britta Aragon, founder of CV Skinlabs, who spritzed me down with her Rescue + Relief Spray. Instant cooling effect. I can see myself getting a little trigger happy with this mist!

Gotta love how this event all started with my Chicago ladies of La Bella Figura! Thanks for being such wonderful hosts.