The Anticipation is Real

La Bella Figura Disco Queen Gloria

Anticipation is a funny feeling. Sometimes it comes in the form of anxious nerves, full on panicky sweats, butterflies in the tum excitement and so many thoughts in the head ya can’t even sleep. My life is one big ball of anticipation lately – loads of serious and unknown – but also excitement for this creamy rose gold blush that launches today. She’s here! Her name is Disco Queen Gloria and I want to wear her to ALL the holiday parties. To their credit, La Bella Figura has been one big tease leading up to this release. Just as soon as LBF’s makeup collection came out – ya know, (Just) Jenna, (La Coquette) Lisette, (Brazilian) Denise and (Damn) Elvia – they started working on a few limited edition holiday colors. The anticipation has been building for me since September! The subtle gold flecks mixed with that feminine rose color? I mean, perfection. Use it on cheeks, temples, lips or lids — no rules persay. You do the Disco Queen your way. DQG is also joined by a creamy silver and olive duo that looks equally spectacular.

photo via La Bella Figura

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