7 Days of Summer Beauty: Shiny Lips


This week has been packed to the brim with summer beauty! All of my favorite trends and products that help me feel my prettiest during the summer – beach waves, dewy skin, a flawless faux tan and more. I may have saved the best for last, though. I’m super sweet on RMS Lip Shine in a pink so adorably bubblegum, called Sublime. Doesn’t the look of it just scream summer? RMS, a.k.a. Rose Marie Swift, makeup artist to supermodels everywhere, created a raw-inspired line of organic beauty products and packaged them up uniformly in these frosted glass containers. Everything in her line is filled with nourishing oils that heal and protect skin. Coconut oil is a signature ingredient of hers, and the Lip Shines also contain Moringa Oil to provide extra antioxidant protection for the lips. Sublime feeds the lips with moisture and the color can be what you want. A light app is subtle and just a pinch of pink whereas a heavier blend of product gives you bright, and really shiny, bubblegum lips. Makes for a fresh look, brightening up an otherwise bare face (bronzer aside!) I’ve already made a sizeable dent in my tub of Sublime, which I bought from Birchbox. Redeeming points for products as pretty as this is the best kind of treat!

7 Days of Summer Beauty is officially a wrap! Catch up on the rest here.

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