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7 Days of Summer Beauty: Shiny Lips


This week has been packed to the brim with summer beauty! All of my favorite trends and products that help me feel my prettiest during the summer – beach waves, dewy skin, a flawless faux tan and more. I may have saved the best for last, though. I’m super sweet on RMS Lip Shine in a pink so adorably bubblegum, called Sublime. Doesn’t the look of it just scream summer? RMS, a.k.a. Rose Marie Swift, makeup artist to supermodels everywhere, created a raw-inspired line of organic beauty products and packaged them up uniformly in these frosted glass containers. Everything in her line is filled with nourishing oils that heal and protect skin. Coconut oil is a signature ingredient of hers, and the Lip Shines also contain Moringa Oil to provide extra antioxidant protection for the lips. Sublime feeds the lips with moisture and the color can be what you want. A light app is subtle and just a pinch of pink whereas a heavier blend of product gives you bright, and really shiny, bubblegum lips. Makes for a fresh look, brightening up an otherwise bare face (bronzer aside!) I’ve already made a sizeable dent in my tub of Sublime, which I bought from Birchbox. Redeeming points for products as pretty as this is the best kind of treat!

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7 Days of Summer Beauty: Translucent Color


My usual flush of blush just doesn’t have the same appeal in the summer. It’s like the heat intensifies it somehow and I’m one degree away from clown cheeks. When that happens, I always feel a bit garish. I much prefer a healthy dose of bronzer (see here and here!) And for a little more color and sheen, I opt for a more translucent finish. Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tints are that forgiving and flattering blend that delivers just the right amount of color to cheeks. While the shades come across bold and brassy in the tube, on the face they are dramatically less so. Rather than sitting atop cheeks, Bobbi made them so they glisten and reflect light. The darker “Nude Bronze” has a slight rosy hue which is my favorite under bronzer. The golden “Sunlit Nude” acts as more of a highlighter and the bright “Summer Pink” makes you look healthy and perky. No brush needed to apply and the pocket-sized tube is easy to stash in your purse for touch-ups. My trick? To dab the light golden shade and the pink on opposite fingers and then touch together before dabbing on cheeks for a custom sheer color. This trio is limited for summer, but fear not, I think we’ll see more Tints in future Bobbi beauty collections. Right now, you can still snag each for $26 apiece.

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7 Days of Summer Beauty: A Beach State of Mind


If the summer of my dreams was real, I’d be lounging beachside every day catching up on all of the books that have been on my to-read list forever. I would of course have someone nearby to make sure I stay hydrated with green juice and grapefruit LaCroix and refreshed with SPF, especially during that mid-day nap I’m able to fit in. What a life I lead! I guess you could say I need a few days of nothing but R&R to make me appreciate the hustle of my daily grind.

Helping me channel my beach state of mind is African Botanics Marula Neroli-Infused Oil. It’s an everything oil — I can drench myself in this from head to toe and instantly feel refreshed and relaxed.  Marula Oil contains a ton of antioxidants and if I were a sun worshipper, it would most definitely help my skin overcome the inherent environmental damage that comes along with being a beach goddess. It’s good for the face and just about everywhere. But what sets this marula apart from the uninfused varietal is the intoxicating floral essence of neroli oil, which is distilled from a fresh bunch of orange blossoms from a small co-op in Tunisia. The benefits go far beyond aromatherapy – neroli is high in vitamin C and can assist in the release of skin toxins, which is why it is often used to aide relaxation. For $85, you get a surprising amount of product— more than 2 ounces. Which is how I want to roll with this one, as I’m not satisfied unless it’s drenching my entire body in that addictive neroli blend.

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7 Days of Summer Beauty: Dewy Skin


Dewy skin is a whole different ball game come summer. What looks pretty in the comforts of air conditioning can turn oil slick within minutes of being outside. Lightening up your skin care and makeup helps, so long as you are still getting enough moisture into the skin. You know how it goes — drying out your skin produces more oil to compensate and breakouts happen. The solution for all summer skin woes, I’m convinced, is Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. It is essentially the brand’s Moisture Rich Silk Cream in a spritz. It has many of the geisha-inspired ingredients the brand is known for using, like camellia oil, liquid silk, green tea and rice extracts. About 4-5 sprays followed by SPF and skin is primed and ready. It also makes for the most refreshing mid-day mist, especially because it spays on evenly, fine and completely weightless. It gives skin a dewy look and then melts into skin. The utility of this product thrills me, and beyond that, I can’t deny this chic blue bottle a place in my summer beauty repertoire.

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7 Days of Summer Beauty: SPF, everywhere


We can’t have 7 Days of Summer Beauty without talking Supergoop. First they won me over with their CC Cream and now I’m having major feelings for the Anti-Aging Eye Cream with a whopping SPF 37! For all of the SPF we slather on, it makes sense to have something specific for the delicate eye area. I’m not just talking a standard SPF 15…this is serious protection. I’ve got nothing short of absolute devotion to this eye cream every morning. The stainless steel tip means a cooling massage that is instant relief for a puffy eye area even before coffee (well, now tea…still going strong on that semi-detox!) What’s even better is the eye cream itself doubles as an eye brightener! It’s fueled with natural oat peptides that help treat a whole bunch of issues — the visual impacts of stress, UV damage and of course, fine lines and wrinkles.  And, sunglasses no longer have to be the only line of defense from the sun. Consider this the eye cream you need to survive summer!

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7 Days of Summer Beauty: Faking a Tan


I can only embrace the pale so much. No matter how hard I try to be content with my fair skin, my limbs are atrociously pasty come summer. I tried on a pair of shorts at J. Crew last month and realized that I needed to start the self-tanning ritual a.s.a.p. I had one of those moments in the fitting room that I’d rather forget. A little color goes a long way to making you look slimmer. My legs looked tremendously better in those shorts after a round with Vita Liberata pHenomenal tan mousse.

Vita Liberata just made its way from the UK to Sephora stateside. And it is a-maz-ing. Like totally changed my perspective on self-tanner amazing. It makes an otherwise arduous process tolerable due to the long wear. The pHenomenal tan mousse can last up to four times longer than any other self-tanner – anywhere from 2-3 weeks, depending on your skin! It works by slowly releasing DHA over time. I got a solid two weeks, which is about an entire week longer than anything else I’ve ever used. And once it began to fade, it did so evenly. To really jazz up the wear time closer to the three week mark, I used Vita Liberata’s Untinted Self Tan Lotion to subtly build color. It applies clear and then you wake up the next morning looking all golden. Worth noting, Vita Liberata uses organic botanical extracts in its formulas and has a virtually non-existent smell. I’ll definitely take my self-tanner with a side of shea butter, hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed extract. This has summer beauty MUST written all over it!

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7 Days of Summer Beauty: Beach Waves


Get ready for 7 Days of Summer, kicking off today! I’ll be spending the next week talking the must-have beauty for summer.  My summer mantra is to beat the heat and stay chic. First up? A long overdue haircut.


{before and after}

I woke up one morning last week and just decided it had to happen. It was starting to weigh me down and getting impossible to manage (and work out or sleep with). I was starting to wear it in a bun almost every day which signaled to me that I needed a major change. Josie at Sine Qua Non gave me a bouncy lob that is still long enough to put up. It’s love!


I’ll be using Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to style my new do all summer long. It helps me channel St. Tropez versus Lake Michigan beaches. The smell is fancy, like a perfume for your hair. It gives me the texture and shine without the grittiness a salt spray leaves behind. I use it on damp hair if I want it to create texture while it air dries. If using on dry hair, I usually run a curling wand over it to get some waves. Since no grit, you can wear this over a few days, even reapplying each day, without having to wash your hair. If you think I hate washing my hair in the winter, I get even lazier in the summer. The Apres Beach comes in a mini, too, which means good hair can go with you in your purse. Arch Apothecary locally sells the line, as does Blowtique, which is where I snagged this summer must!