A Universally Flattering Bronzer?


{“non-bronzer” bronzers}

Bronzer is the power player in my makeup bag. The cheekbones it whips up in an instant. The much-needed warmth it gives my face in just a sweep. How I can wear nothing but bronzer and look alive. But I’ve realized that bronzer is a divisive beauty product. And there are many women that don’t wear it all. The fears of muddied cheeks and an orange glow ruin it for some. Fair skinned girls, especially. Well, I’ve found a bronzer that is most definitely the answer to those who are on the fence about bronzer. It’s so perfect that it isn’t even technically a bronzer! Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder somehow takes two things that don’t usually go together and whips up a universally flattering “not-bronzer” bronzing powder. It is the perfect mix of matte and glow! And, universally flattering because it comes in a handful of shades designed for fair to deep skin tones. I played with the testers (shown above in a pic I snapped at Blue Mercury) and settled on Bronze 3, technically for medium skin tones. But, hey, I like bronzer so I went a little deeper. The radiance is subtle so dust this one all over without fear of overdoing. Just make sure to emphasize the area under your cheekbones for that definition (do the fishy face to find the spot!)

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