Camp Gorgeous at Neiman’s, Natural Deodorant + the Perfect Weekend Bag


{Photo via Politics of Pretty}

The ‘Camp Gorgeous’ beauty event kicks off at Neiman Marcus on June 2. An $85 purchase gets you this adorable striped beach tote filled with beauty samples (I spy Exfolikate!) Chicago ladies, go see my girl Tess at LMdB for your beauty needs. (Politics of Pretty)

Really important question: Where in Chicago can I get a cronut? Detox exception? (Birchbox)

Natural deodorant is very subjective, but Kathy’s review of Soapwalla has me curious. (Beauty Palette)

Davines is expanding upon its popular Oi oil line to include a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in. (Refinery29)

Searching for the perfect weekend travel bag? Me too. Which is why I think you’ll be very excited to see this. (Pretty and Fun)

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