Full Moon, Packed Makeup Bag

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Last night’s full moon was hypnotizing. I caught myself gazing with a purpose up into the sky. In fact, my entire day felt purposeful. I’d been procrastinating on a few things and felt stuck on a few ideas. It happens, especially when the days are crowded with meetings, calls and chatter. But today I broke through. Today, of all days. With that full bright moon looming. Coincidence? Probably not. This moon lights up for Virgo and is said to stimulate intellectual curiosity. In fact, this is the week to bust through what MindBodyGreen so aptly calls “analysis paralysis.” Your better believe I believe it. It’s not about checking off to-dos, though that may happen as a byproduct, but looking for inspiration and turning it into something real. I’m down. You down?

In addition to stewing on ideas to the point of analysis-paralysis, I’ve been doing some traveling these past few weeks. Never without the smartest travel jewelry case, ever, and my beloved Stephanie Johnson makeup bag. She just knows how to make traveling streamlined and chic. I’m excited to be over on the SJ Traveler blog talking about how I pack up my Fiona Dome. It’s the shape of a half-moon (how fitting) and accommodates enough to even appeal to the constant overpacker. Right this way to peep what’s in my SJ.

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