7 Days of Summer Beauty: A Beach State of Mind


If the summer of my dreams was real, I’d be lounging beachside every day catching up on all of the books that have been on my to-read list forever. I would of course have someone nearby to make sure I stay hydrated with green juice and grapefruit LaCroix and refreshed with SPF, especially during that mid-day nap I’m able to fit in. What a life I lead! I guess you could say I need a few days of nothing but R&R to make me appreciate the hustle of my daily grind.

Helping me channel my beach state of mind is African Botanics Marula Neroli-Infused Oil. It’s an everything oil — I can drench myself in this from head to toe and instantly feel refreshed and relaxed.  Marula Oil contains a ton of antioxidants and if I were a sun worshipper, it would most definitely help my skin overcome the inherent environmental damage that comes along with being a beach goddess. It’s good for the face and just about everywhere. But what sets this marula apart from the uninfused varietal is the intoxicating floral essence of neroli oil, which is distilled from a fresh bunch of orange blossoms from a small co-op in Tunisia. The benefits go far beyond aromatherapy – neroli is high in vitamin C and can assist in the release of skin toxins, which is why it is often used to aide relaxation. For $85, you get a surprising amount of product— more than 2 ounces. Which is how I want to roll with this one, as I’m not satisfied unless it’s drenching my entire body in that addictive neroli blend.

It’s a full week of summer beauty! Recap on days 1-4 here.

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