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I’m committed to the point of stubborn so once I made the decision to ditch the chemical deodorants, I was all in. Recall this moment last fall when it all started? I had a really good ride with the Soapwalla deodorant cream. The issue over time was that the sodium bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda) irritated my underarms, which was so the pits (you’d take that pun, too…mmmkay.) Never to the point of pain but visibly in a burnt-state. I’ve got a warm weather wardrobe to consider and well, if I want to encourage others to take the nat deo plunge, that look isn’t helping. Plus, applying deodorant with your fingers is an acquired process. Old habits die hard. I’ve had more than a few trials end poorly in recent months so I manage my expectations accordingly. That self-level-setting makes it all the more sweeter when you find something incredible. Which I have…GREENBODY natural deodorant is a diamond in the rough. This is one of those under the radar brands that you probably don’t know about and is led by one seriously passionate woman who just wants to keep us fresh without the chemicals. I’ve been using the sporty version which is handcrafted using nourishing butters, oils and a hint of pine and wintergreen leaves. It blows everything out of the water. Greenbody, which is pure on purpose (adore that message!), also makes a baking soda-free formula for the pH-sensitive. L-O-V-E.

6 thoughts on “Pure on Purpose…GREENBODY

  1. Lindsay

    I’m really hoping I can take the plunge with natural deodorant. Anything that I’ve tried has left me spelling not so fresh, I’m hoping this will work.
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  2. sonja

    I’ve been testing this one as well and also adore it! I was so surprised by how well it worked and now I’m totally hooked. Another good one to test out is Living Libations’ Poetic Pits 🙂

  3. Mayette

    Ahh! I want to try this! I had a mild reaction to Soapwalla, switched to Primal Pit Paste, and that reaction turned into an infected rash. I switched to Schmidt’s on the unaffected side, but the infection spread. Still recovering and haven’t worn deo in a month. 🙁 This brand sounds worth a try when I’m all healed! I’m desperate to find a natural deo that works.
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