Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo


{Bobbi Brown Summer 2013}

I’m willing to bet the phrase “go big or go home” came up at some point during the product development phase of Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Duo. Part of her beach-inspired summer collection, this bronzer is so mega it could eat my other bronzers for breakfast. Naturally, I love it. It is bronzer season, after all. Meant for use on face or body, Bobbi’s super-sized duo contains two of the most natural hues of bronze I’ve seen paired together.  On the left, a pinky-brown that could double as a blush, and on the right, a medium matte bronze hue. Layering the two together is a fun experiment in sculpting. Neither is heavy or muddy so creating the most natural of tans is super easy.  My go-to move is to sweep the deeper shade along my hairline, jawline and under my cheekbones – a.k.a. the reverse “3” style application. Then I’ll dust the pinky bronze on my cheeks, blending slightly upward and downwards to create a natural finish that blends in with the deeper shade. For a finishing touch, I dust the deeper shade below my chin and under my jawbone on both sides of my face.

Bobbi also released new shades of her Sheer Cheek Tint which layer beautifully under this bronzer. Nude Beach, my fav of the trio, is a sheer bronze with a metallic glow. Because it’s so sheer, it gives just the slightest hint of color. All very beachy and carefree, which is the spirit of the season, right?

*note: editorial samples provided 

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