Low to Luxe: Bronzer

Low to Luxe Bronzer

Well, I agree! It’s been entirely too long since we traveled the low to luxe beauty spectrum together. If my bathroom counter is any indication, it’s not for lack of experimenting. Since it is now officially summer, we should discuss bronzer. Last week, one of my darling coworkers asked me for a recommendation. It was early in the morning and we were both filling up our coffee mugs, so I made a note to follow up with her since I was in a.m. Laurie zombie-mode. Rather than keep all that good convo to our Outlook, I thought I’d open it up for discussion. I really do have deep thoughts on the topic but would love to hear your POV on the matter. Bronzer is personal! I’ll go first.

I am quite particular when it comes to the ‘low’ end. There are some solid contenders but I find that a lot of mass brands can be powdery and low on pigment. If I have to smash my brush aggressively in the pan to get color, I’m working too hard. Two excellent options that go to bat with the Guerlains of the world are NYX Matte Bronzer and the Mineral Wear Airbrush from Physician’s Formula.  Both come in a few different color options, too, so you can customize it for your skin tone. NYX is under $10 — you better believe it’s worth a try.

In that mid-range are so many bronzers it can be overwhelming. It was hard for me to narrow down to the best. I’m as excited by RMS Buriti Bronzer as I was when I first mentioned it. Because it’s sheer, the metallic hue translates to naturally and un-orange on skin. And, it’s packed with vitamins and oils so it’s basically skin care. My newest discovery is this countering duo from BECCA. At $40, it’s straddling the luxe line but there are two shades so there are more options. Swirl, use one or both – the bronzer is your oyster.

Now, for the luxe side of this party. NARS Laguna is legendary. In part, because the shade is almost flattering on all skin tones. They released a special Laguna compact this summer that comes with a mini Ita Brush (one of the brand’s signature artisan kabukis!) Totally worth the indulgence if this bronzer is your jam. And, if you are partial to the Guerlains of the world, then Guerlain is pleasing you this season. Their bronzers are so finely milled and natural, I can’t not talk about them in the context of best bronzers. I love these colored discs that align with hair color. They updated the formula with more oils this season but it’s still the Guerlain we know and love.

Your turn!

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