That’s a Wrap! Fall Beauty Wardrobe

Another beauty wardrobe season is winding down. I’d always intended to make the switch come December and that time has arrived.  I’m completely overwhelmed with all there is to get done in such a compressed time but so excited for what I’ve got cooking up for beauty. But, first, recapping my first fall beauty wardrobe.

I kept my beauty simple and enjoyed a simple routine. I used up a few items and discovered some new items that really impressed me (and a few that did not). I think I skipped mascara more days than I wore it since October. These past few months have been an emotional blur. So much crying and feeling. And trying to hold back, too. I’m actually not at all prepared to process it yet since I’m still very much figuring out how to be since Betty’s diagnosis and treatments. Mostly it’s just a kick in the heart. My time with her is precious and right now I need regular reminders to stop the anticipatory anxiety and focus on the now. The happy moments I get to have with my girl.

Getting ready in the mornings have actually been a nice ritual. I find my mind races at night before I fall asleep. (hello, anxiety). The mornings feel normal again. I get ready, Betty peeks her head into the bathroom and we soak up the morning sun. Late fall sun in the a.m. is everything. I’ll hear her snorts as I’m moving around the bedroom and stop to give her some pets. It’s the best part of my day. And then I have to get through it all.


My favorites from fall were a bit of a surprise. I am so into the Dior Cushion. I think part of the selling point (and reason it’s so G-D expensive) is that it has the Dior skincare in the formula. Whatever it is, it’s working. This isn’t a foundation in a true sense but it does what it needs to do. I follow up with a little concealer but for the most part, this covers all complexion concerns. I like how it gives my skin a sheen. I’m literally scraping the bottom of the cushion but it keeps going.

I also love Nars Dolomites – I used this anytime I wore eyeshadow. A lot of times, I just used the deeper brown around the eyes, especially my bottom lash line. That and a Surratt curl is all did so many days. Love the simplicity. These are classic colors with a twist. Sadly, this was a limited edition shade.

I tried a few new products as well. It was helpful to really try them over an extended period of time. I tend to know right away if I’m feeling something but it always helps to try it in new ways and experiment.

I liked the bareMinerals Bare Pro on the days I wanted to go all out. If the Dior wasn’t a true foundation, this is the exact opposite. I think it has a ton of coverage, some days it was too much for me and others it was exactly what I needed. It’s a concentrated formula and a few drops can be massaged across the whole face.

Also a positive was the Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir. This wears really well under the eyes, it has a smoothing quality. It lives up to the name – I found it gave me a wide awake and well rested appearance.

Tilbury! Film Star is a must. That glamourous compact and smooth powders. Contour kits overwhelm me but this is a piece of art.


I was not a fan of the Tom Ford Liquid Eyeliner. This is a painful realization, especially because I splurged on it after a summer without black liquid liner. The double ended brush is pretty clutch and I love how easy the shorter end is to apply and do the fleck. But it is not transfer proof or long wearing. I got smudges and raccoon guys within an hour of wearing it. That should not happen!

I also didn’t wear Benefit Rockateur much. This was the last hurrah for this product. I’ve had it for years, so it’s hard to tell if it lost its effectiveness or I just don’t like it anymore. The color is great but the staying power wasn’t strong. Hard to compete with the Glossier Cloud Paint. I’m almost finished up with my tube of Dusk, at least I think I am. But, a little goes a long way so I’m betting I still have another season of wear with that color.

The Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner was just OK. I was expecting it to be rosier and wanted more of a soft pink tint since the color of the product is essentially the same color as the tube. It’s pretty sheer and average. I’ll probably put on my desk as work since I tend to use it throughout the day. I don’t want to be wasteful, it’s just something I wouldn’t get again.

That’s a wrap on fall 2K17! If you want to catch up on my day to day, scroll the #fallbeautywardrobe Instagram hashtag. 

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