Osmia Organics Milk Bath


I started my Sunday off with a trip to Colorado for a work event on Monday. And a fabulous event it was, but also a complete whirlwind of a day with lots of running around (in heels, my own fault) and sweating (90 degrees, wowza) followed up with a very late return flight home.  I basically have no idea what day it is. Tonight I will reset my week the best way I know how: an indulgent bath. My penchant for a good old fashioned soak has only grown since trying Osmia Organics Milk Bath. So much fan-cier than bubbles or salt, and even Cleopatra was famous for taking milk baths. A few scoops of the milky powder – a blend of organic buttermilk power, organic oats, baking soda and essential oils – and you emerge from the tub with conditioned skin. The milk acids get rid of dead skin cells and the lingering scent is gentle and relaxing. Do it right before bed and you’ll sleep like a baby. It’s what I’m counting on tonight.

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