Fall Colors for the Weekend

Hello, weekend, I’ve been waiting for you all week! How about you, feeling the same?

I’m approaching my final week in Toronto and plan on soaking up as much of this city’s energy as possible. Can’t believe it’s been three months. I’ve definitely felt the passage of time in a very real way but it’s still shocking that a change in seasons is coming in quick. It’s all putting me in a rather reflective mood. Here are a few things on my mind and stuff that grabbed my attention this week.

Kjaer Weis Fall 2015


Kjaer Weis released fall colors this week and they’re stunning. Don’t you love how the entire color mix mirrors the trees at the moment? Copper eyes, bright coral cheeks and a brown lip tint that I’m totally loving. It’s a modern take on the 90s resurgence that is so clearly happening. I’m going to make a stop at The Detox Market and see if I can peep it in person. Going to miss having that boutique as a neighbor!


Quite possibly the greatest pleasure of my day is massaging this Rosemary Body Mousse on my feet and hands, sometimes my chest. The whipped shea butter is intensely moisturizing (yet, so light) and the rosemary oil absolutely aromatherapeutic. I saw on Osmia Organics’ Instagram whisperings of new extensions and that made my month.  My vote is for Vetiver.


It’s not about happiness but wholeness. This resonated.


I cannot wait to cook in my own kitchen again and plan on getting real fancy. I’ve been scrolling Bon Appetit for carb inspiration. I will be trying this burrata and mushroom lasagnette…because, cheese.


I always knew we excelled at pizza and that was confirmed after having very lackluster pizza experiences in Toronto. May this Chicago Mag feature be your pizza bible and my to-do list when I’m back.

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