Oh My Goop


Well, hot damn, Gwyneth. I usually leave the Gwynnie fan clubbing to my girl Bets but I was scrolling through my news feed and did a major double take at my screen when I saw this pop up from US Weekly. Queen Goop is looking hot! Her face looks so radiant and fresh — I need to know what’s happening here. Something tells me it’s her coming soon makeup collection with Juice Beauty, where she’s been serving as Creative Director. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Goop lately, ever since they hired Jean Godrey June (of Lucky Magazine fame) as beauty director. JGJ was the reason I read Lucky – always flipping to her Beauty Closet page immediately – and I was smitten as all get out to see her land a home at Goop. It feels like a match. While I don’t subscribe to the Goop lifestyle prescriptively (um…who can?), they are my beauty kindred spirit.

Jin Soon created two “classic” exclusive nail polish sets for Goop. They’re classically basic in a not basic way. // No matter how many mascaras I try, I keep coming back to Kjaer Weis. Sometimes I think I should stop trying, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. // Beautycounter isn’t available many places but Goop snagged the line! The Touch Eclat doppleganger and jasmine face oil are really special. // I take Goop recommendations seriously and am way curious about this Lip Sheer by Rituel De Fille. Also, side reading: Jean did a piece on pairing lip colors for a one-of-a-kind custom color. // It’s a BALM COMPACT. WHAT. No words. Just crazy eyes. // I’d bet that Gwyneth’s body glow has something to do with The Good Stuff. // This summery candle was released at the Goop Chicago Pop-Up this spring, aka, the magical mirage that appeared at the Waldorf and disappeared in two weeks.  May this candle be my reminder that the Goop store was real, albeit for a short time.

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