Grey by Choice


Color has a time and a place in my life. Hint: it’s almost never my wardrobe. I style myself to a grey existence with the occasional touch of white, black, beige and blue. This is most evident in the cooler months. The more grey layers, the less purple I am. I’m not kidding. My hands and feet take on a blue hue as soon as the temps drop below 50. I asked my Doctor if I needed to be concerned about my circulation and she said I should wear gloves as early as I need to and wear multiple pairs of socks. That was actually the official Rx. It works, for the most part. But I try to keep my greys and pre-winter style a little more fab.

Zara Sweater – There are so many cozy and chic grey knits this season at Zara—real thrilling stuff. I love this one with the slits and how it’s paired with a skirt. There is a match for sweaters like these beyond just leggings. Though, that is a fan fav. // Alima Pure After Hours – The smoky eye returns! I’m hooked on Alima’s Fall ‘By Night’ shimmer eyeshadows. This charcoal is as good as it gets with just a hint of gold to make it interesting. Apply it wet and watch yourself go from ordinary to sexy morning after face (though I never condone this…just replicating!)  NARS Lhasa – For a less smoky grey, I reach for this lavender-ish shadow. I find it takes on a different tone depending on the person. // Kjaer Weis Radiance – I started using this silver-tinged luminizer in the summer and it has made the transition to fall swimmingly. I’m not far off from a refill, which in Kjaer Weis world means I can reuse the compact and just buy (and save) on a refill pan. // Madewell Ava Heel – My god, these heels are hot. I know my feet are about to be locked in boots (and two pairs of socks) here real soon but these need to happen. I’ll pair them with skinnies and a big old grey sweater!

5 thoughts on “Grey by Choice

  1. Jess Zimlich

    My hands and feet do the SAME thing. People think I’m crazy when I tell them, but my toes turn white and the bed of my nails turn blue. I’ve always worried about my circulation, but good to know we’re just cold people. haha


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