I’ve Got The Blues

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

I embrace the Canadian tuxedo and all of its casual matchy unmatchiness. One of my favorite color combos is navy and black. And I think I’ve determined that the blue on blue and blue on everything else simply works. So how about we add another dimension: nail polish! I explored this part of the color wheel with Scotch Naturals this past month testing out a few of their many blue hues to find the perfect pairing with items in my closet. Scotch makes a legit eco-friendly polish, as in a water-based formula completely free of the “big 3” and other solvents generally found in nail polish. Yes, water. Which means there is a little more patience and premeditation required with a Scotch mani. The Sticky Base Coat and On The Rocks Top Coat help lock in the color but I find you really need to give it time to dry between coats and then set overnight. It will be dry to the touch within a reasonable amount of time but needs ample time to really cure and adhere. No bigs, that’s what Sunday evenings are for.

I paired three blue styles and polishes from the ‘single serve’ collection together over on Scotch Distilled. Check it out —- >>> my Perfect Pairings!

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