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I’m knocking on wood as I type this, but my skin has been balanced and (dare I say) radiant lately. The change of seasons can throw off even the most diligent of us but I’m getting along just fine. I say this in the most non-boasty way, trust. Honestly, it’s a revolving door of serums and cleansers around these parts so to keep my face from freaking I am always careful and committed to clean ingredients and being cautious about using too many treatments. I’m grooving on a few products at the moment and I told the lovely Meg Biram all about them with her latest “ask the beauty bloggers” column. There’s the blemish stick that looks like a lip gloss tube that I swear wards off any would be eruption from actually doing so, the bright cobalt bottle of vitamins and antioxidants that I mix with my serums EVERY morning and a face wash that is completely knocking my socks (and all surface oil) off. Check out more on Meg’s blog from me and the panel of beauty babes that also answered the question — > right this way!

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  1. Jess Zimlich

    This is embarrassing to admit, but I still use Neutrogena acne face wash. I need to upgrade to something more “adult,” but I’m not a fan of foams. Maybe using it with my Clarisonic would be better?

    Do you recommend anything else? I have combination skin and the occasional bout of acne, but what I’m doing now just isn’t cutting it anymore!


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