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I discovered Beyond the Row this week and have been absolutely devouring everything on the site! I especially love this interview with Tata Harper on natural beauty.

Some very helpful tips on using a fan brush to apply mascara. It’s all the rage backstage at fashion shows these days!

Gwen Stefani for OPI. It’s happening.

I get seriously happy when I hear my favorite blemish treatment working for others!

I can’t wait to dress up my eyelids with these foiled shadows.

Take note, five ways to turn your home into a zen paradise.

This is a longer read, but seriously enlightening.  My favorite quote from it that I’ll leave you with:  I think most of us have had that experience of seeing a person who has a real inner glow…if you’re over 40, often there is a fair amount of kale involved.

True that on the kale. Have a great weekend!

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