The $6 Skincare Tool You Need

Masking, when I give myself the time and mindfree-ness to do it right, is my second favorite form of self-care. Bathing will always be #1. Duh.

Do it right, you ask? Is there a way to do it wrong? Well, there’s a way that makes it instantly better, no matter what mask you’re using. Doesn’t matter if it’s Queen Helene or Sisley – and everything in between. And that is to use a fan brush to apply. I got mine last summer form Elevare spa, after my dermaplaning. My esthetician used one throughout my dermaplaning facial session to apply serums and treatments. I raved about it so much that she ended up giving me a brush and ever since, I’ve used it to apply masks. It has totally enhanced an already great experience. I end up using less product and it has a cooling effect. And, you don’t have to stick your fingers in a jar. Because even if you just washed your hands, they alter the product. The warmth of your fingers changes how it feels on your skin.

There is no need to overspend on a brush – save your pennies for the actual skincare. Amazon has a ton. I’m not sure which one I exactly have but this one looks close. Synthetic fibers work best since they aren’t as absorbent.

I realized how big a difference this makes recently.  I’ve been on a once weekly regimen with the new(ish)Tata Harper Clarifying Mask and my brush was buried in a box. I made it a priority to find it soon after. I’ve also worked in the always-sold-out Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask to my routine. It does indeed have a jolly racher-esque quality to it but I’m on board with whatever the Glow Recipe ladies are doing. Jury is still out on if it is changing my skin but it’s certainly making me feel good.

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