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A good hair day is empowering. A good makeup day, for me, gives me that same “conquer the world” (or at least my to-do list) attitude. There is nothing as defeating as walking into the bathroom and seeing a smudge of eyeliner or a less than flawless complexion. Especially when it looked so good in the morning! Fluorescent lights are the enemy. For all of the above reasons, I tend to wear a primer under my makeup. Remember this or that? Well, Benefit Stay Flawless is the other thing. It’s different than any other primer I’ve used. There’s the stick application – packaged up in the most adorable polka dot print, I’ll add – and the light cooling effect you feel immediately. Invisible to the eye but not to the touch, as there is a semi-sticky feel. It doesn’t feel weighty or heavy, rather that stickiness was by design so it would physically grab your makeup like a magnet.

I watched this video from Benefit’s Maggie Ford Danielson applying Stay Flawless under her foundation. My initial instinct was to blend the primer into my skin before applying makeup, but it is most effective to apply makeup directly on top of it without messing or blending first. Taking Maggie’s advice, I also focused this on my problem areas – around the sides of my nose and forehead (typical t-zone drama!) and found my makeup to stay pretty darn near flawless all day. You can shop it here!

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