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I’m in constant pursuit of a flawless complexion. I’ve tried countless foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB, CC and other alphabet soup creams all in the name of complexion perfection. And I’m like Goldilocks with most of them. Too drying. Too oily. Not enough coverage. Too much coverage. Heavy. Cakey. Doesn’t wear all day. And the list goes on. Of all of the product territory I cover here, foundation is not something I rave about often. That’s why I’m so excited to talk about this beauty from Kjaer Weis. It’s worth getting excited over, which my gal pals at Eco Diva assured me of early on! A short list of ingredients that includes coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils and a velvety finish that feels weightless on your face? Yes and yes = oh, hell yes. Most days I blend it on with a stippling brush, but the real magic happens when you have the patience and extra time to press on with a damp beauty blender sponge. With every buff of the blender, I think of how the jojoba is doing its thing, improving skin elasticity. For as many of my hard earned pennies I’ve shelled out for foundation in the past, the splurgey price tag of this seems justified. Especially because the Kjaer Weis compact is refillable.

Speaking of skin elasticity, did you see that Christie Brinkley turned 60? I mean….insane.

9 thoughts on “Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Katie – I love that, “swish!” I think anyone can wear this, but a nice moisturized base is necessary for drier skin. Even though there are oils in this, it’s not as emollient as say the RMS Uncover.

  1. Melinda

    How do you think this compares to W3ll People Narcissist? I have not tried either (I’m currently using Benefit’s Hello Flawless) but a friend told me the ingredients seem similar and Narcissist is cheaper. And I’m slowly trying to switch to natural products. Thanks!!

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Hi there! I’ve used both and also really like W3LL People. They are similar in wear (haven’t compared the ingredient list side by side, though) but different in application (stick vs. pan). The Kjaer Weis is more $$ but I like the refill option!


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