Becca Takes on Chiberia


Dry air, do care. That’s my feelings on that matter. There are a few things I count as necessities in Chiberia: a humidifier, hot water bottle (old school) and a dewy highlighter. I listened very closely to the advice Jenny Patinkin shared here about winter beauty and have been dutifully relying on Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to give my skin a glow. It checks all of the boxes — light-reflecting, illuminating and even SPF 25. Jenny recommends dotting along the tops of cheeks, and a few pats with your index fingers after you apply makeup adds so much to the face. But, the real beauty of the Becca is the multi-tasking you can do. There are a handful of shades made to work for specific skin tones — I love Pearl and Moonstone, especially mixed together for a soft white gold shade. You can mix in with your moisturizer, foundation or dab on with your fingers in the areas you want a bit of radiance. It’s sheer enough that it never feels too intense and is smart enough to adjust to any light. Which means it looks as natural in the fluorescent lights at the office as it does in a natural outside light. The giant container also means it will last me through at least 1.5 Chiberias.

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