BECCA Souffle Blush + Make Your Instas Better


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I saw this picture on Twittter and immediately started asking ALL the questions. That golden pink pot is BECCA’s new soufflé blush and it sold out instantly. But yay – back in stock now!

This is the most popular lotion on the red carpet right now. And it comes in a bag!

A very useful list of apps to make your Instas better.

In-office manis? Yes please. Manicube is launching in Chicago this week and the 9-5 set thanks you.

To all of the soon-to-be baby mamas in my life…welcome Lina Hanson’s new addition, the Global Baby Serum.

Coming soon: Benefit They’re Real EYELINER.

Very useful advice from Monica: how to keep your flower bouquets alive and kicking for weeks.

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