Throwback 312 Beauty


Remember that time I graduated college without filling in my eyebrows? Oh wait… If you don’t mind, I’m taking a TO from the usual Thursday happenings and sharing a very special #tbt — a decade in the making!

May 15, 2004.

I’ll let the brows slide because I think this smile (I’m all teeth!) says it all. My dad had just bought me a rose moments before heading inside the Kohl Center to take the stage. Oh happy moment! I recall pretty vividly this day (but not the night!) and the weeks following. These life before blog moments – and I’m not just talking about writing my own! – are extra precious. There’s no Facebook tag to remember this day and I love that. One thing I’m pretty sure remains a constant from this day in 2004 is most definitely Beyonce on repeat. Those were Crazy In Love days, ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “Throwback 312 Beauty

  1. jess

    10 years whizzes by so fast! Funny how you mention there was no facebook tag to commemorate- were there even hashtags 10 years ago? ha!


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