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Five Things I Learned From MAC Artist Keri Germain

Makeup by MAC artist Keri Germain

Chicago loves its MAC  Cosmetics. The proof is in the third free-standing retail space the cosmetics giant recently opened at The Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Ave. As far as MAC stores go, it’s pretty slick. Mirrors everywhere, a lash bar to please everyone’s falsie comfort level, wall-sized LED screens streaming  demos and even a hands-on “playtable” (that’s an official description.) There are also 25 in-house makeup artists on staff.  I had a little playtable sesh of my own recently with one of them:  the talented Keri Germain.

MAC Keri GermainThat’s Keri!

My strategy when getting artist time is to just soak up all their knowledge. My only agenda was glowy skin (always) and long lashes (again, always). The rest was in Keri’s hands and did girlfriend ever deliver! Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. She reintroduced me to some classic MAC products that had fallen off my radar and dropped some tips on me that are changing how I do my makeup. I’ve got you curious now don’t I? Of course I’m spilling.

1. Strobe Cream is your bestie. Apply it before your makeup. Or, if you want, wear it instead of makeup. Unlike other highlighters, this is more of a light-reflecting moisturizer so it it’s more subtle. This has been a major morning-after saver after all of this season’s holiday parties. Sleep ain’t got nothing to do with the glow on my face.

MAC 187 Brush

2. One brush really can do it all. Keri used the #187 to sweep on the Strobe Cream, foundation, highlighter and blush. Building in that order actually helps. A little Strobe mixes in with your foundation and your highlighter melds with your complexion. And, color comes last.

3. Speaking of blush… we tend to apply right at the apples of our cheek. Keri says “no, no.” Instead, start further back so you don’t have a big blob of color concentrated so obviously on that part of your face. The duo-fiber brush helps make it more subtle and you can build it up as needed.

MAC 124 Brush

4. Have you ever used a fluffy brush to sweep eye shadow under your eyes?! Me neither, until Keri converted me. The key is to take a neutral not too much of a contrast to your skintone (for me – MAC Wedge or Soft Brown) and use a brush like the MAC #124 to blend it naturally. Even though you’re adding darkness to that area, somehow it works and gives balance to whatever look you’re rocking above the lash line.

5. Naked Pigment is the universal must-have. Keri sprinkled some on the lid and then pressed the same fluffly brush over it to pick up the color and sweep all over my lid. It added just the right amount of sheen. Keri tells me dark skin tones can even use this as a highlighter.

Oh, and a bonus rave from me? MAC Matchmaster Concealer is like a magic eraser! I love the stick formula and the colors blend to your skin tone. So, even if it isn’t a 100% match, it soon becomes one on your skin. I keep this in my purse now, always.

Guide to Gifting Bold

Holiday Gift Guide

Still finding the perfect gift for all on your list? Yeah, same. Though, I’m nearly finished. And, on that note, I’ve got the grand finale of my holiday gift guides to start the week. All about the bold with this one.

I’m a bookworm so naturally I think books are a great gift to give and receive. Lindsay recommended DVF’s memoir, The Woman I Wanted to Be, and I can’t wait to read.

#LikeaBoss is what happens when two of my favorite companies come together and make! Marissa of BeauTeaBar teamed with AILA Cosmetics to create the perfect rosy gold nail polish. It’s limited for the holidays and so special!

Meghan Lorenz is the bold designer behind Cities in Dust. Her work is edgy, interesting and the epitome of statement-making. I love her Throne Necklace – it’s unlike anything else.

When I discover things I love, I naturally want to share it with all of my friends (and all of you!)  Serge Normant Dream Big Volumizing Spray is the best hair texturizer, ever. It gives lift and texture for a major statement do. Give good hair this holiday.

Well, we know these diptyque candles are going to smell heavenly but how cool is that black matte? There are three different scents done in collab with designer Tomas Maier.

Simply the best headphones for women. Frends designs are edgy and the size is perfect for a tinier face. Other headphones are just so giant, ya know?

NARS created a brand new line of lipstick in like 30+ colors that saturate your lips with intense color in a single swipe. The berries and reds are incredible. Statement lip all the way! I’m partial to Vera, personally.

Expect to Feel at theWit


Expectations are tricky. We lay them out for ourselves as a way to plan, anticipate and level set our experiences. It’s just one big mind game, really. A constricting one at that. Rather than planning how I think I might feel, I’m just feeling.

And, boy, did I ever feel at theWit.

Let’s see. I expected the Signature Massage at the Spa@theWit to be relaxing. Spoiler: it was. I also expected to wince in pain as the knots in my back got worked. I didn’t; they were actually tame.  What I didn’t expect, but I felt wholeheartedly, was an epic release of pain in the most unexpected place: my legs. We’re talking tears on the table emotion that took me by total surprise. And I know myself enough to recognize that it was more than just physical, though that was very apparent.  Every muscle and tendon was on the defense – tightness and soreness surfaced that I didn’t know was a problem. My body was all, “what have you been doing to me?!” The trace of the hot stones and pressure my therapist applied was nothing short of euphoric. I was smiling through the tears.

In those 50 minutes, I felt the weight of every step I’ve taken these past few months wither away. The steps down the hallway at the courthouse to see the judge who would officially end my marriage. The walk to the alley to take the garbage out (is it BAD if I point out that I completely delegated this task for as long as I can remember?!) Actually, maybe it was the “get low” squats I busted out while dancing at a bar as a single lady for the first time in more than a decade. Or breaking in these heels because a girl wants to feel sexy in a hot pair of shoes (for the record, they’re actually pretty comfortable). There are so many motions and firsts I’m experiencing that every step I’ve taken since August feels heavier. Like I’m a mall walker ready to burn some cals with my strap-on weights. My mom totally had a pair of those, btw.

My point? Opening ourselves up to feeling what we actually need to feel and straying from the confines of our own expectations is when you actually process a moment. Or in my case, months of moments that burrowed in my hamstrings.

I took some time to decompress in The Whisper Room – theWit’s pre- and post-spa oasis with shaved coconut and tea – and thought about how I needed to come back for a massage sooner than later – thank ya very much new PrettyQuick app – and how I’m actually pretty excited to get low on the dance floor again.

Photo source

A Cleanser Combo Worth a Wooooo

Clarisonic Cleansing

One of my duties hosting The Makeup Date at Bloomingdale’s a few weks ago was to pick all of the raffle winners. I had an oversized glass bowl that I swooshed all of the entries around in – fun stuff. I would probably be mortified if I saw myself on video because every time I picked a name and saw the person stand up, I had this visceral reaction of throwing my hands up and shouting wooooooo wooooo. Just like that. It was like I was at a football game and there was some epic touchdown to win the game. Every time. I picked more than a dozen names! I guess I’m genuinely that excited to give away beauty products.

One of those giveaways was a Clarisonic – I was beaming when I handed over a box filled with a brand spanking new Mia. You see, sonic cleansing is the business. I’ve been a convert for three years. The team at Clarisonic told me that the device removes 30x more pollution from skin than hands alone. This stat doesn’t make me cringe; instead I feel a sinister smile creeping because I love to wash my face and get after that gook. And after three years, I’ve discovered a combo that is just doing it for me. Doing it well. There’s a whole posse of Clarisonic brush heads but the newest Radiance is incredible. The bristles are extra fine and soft—even more so than the Sensitive. Paired with Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and this is the most pampering two minutes of my day. This cleanser is worth every penny – I’ve never used anything quite like it. The Clarisonic transforms it into a foaming wonderland with French clay to help tighten and cleanse pores, vitamin c to brighten and essential oils of frankincense, jasmine and sandalwood to tone and balance. It’s definitely woooo woooo worthy.

The Feminine Guide to Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gift Guide

Femininity is all about the grace and elegance of being your own woman. I don’t see feminine as girly or bubblegum but as a stamp of individuality, however you choose to express. In me, this takes form more often than not in a grey t-shirt, pink cheeks and some brassy accessories. How it takes form in a holiday gift guide is through statement pieces designed to add a little edge to your daily routine.

Don’t you just want to pull a Beautycounter Lip Sheer out of your bag RIGHT NOW just to oogle that tube? The colors – six in total – are sheer and designed to complement all skin tones and the plant-based formula is free of any harmful additives.

For holiday, Rifle Paper Co teamed with photographer Garance Dore and the end result is some stunning pieces of paper! Love the whimsical beauty prints on the 2015 desk calendar.

A signature scent is the ultimate expression…one that also happens to look great on a vanity. TOCCA Margaux is the jam. Part sultry (woodsy vanilla notes) and soft (violet and jasmine).

Gift ‘The One’ – a brush by BECCA (in a fancy gold holiday “coat”) that you can use to do just about anything. This one brush replaces the function of 10 others!

If you’re a really fancy gift giver (or self-gifter), may I suggest the Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair Bag? The gold chain sold me on this design majorly.

Her palette game is always on point during the holiday. Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette is filled with bronzy metals, rose golds and neutral browns that you will wear every day.

The most feminine beauty oil there ever was… Kyrpis Beauty Elixir 1,000 Roses! It literally has the essential oils of 1,000 Bulgarian roses and massaging this into skin gives you a glow and all sorts of aromatherapeutic benefits.

There’s no makeup quite like Kjaer Weis. The weighty compacts are meant to be refilled and are a statement all the way. I recommend the cream blush Lovely for any skin tone.

“Kokoro” refers to a “special little something” in Japanese and the team at Tatcha assembled the most thoughtful kokoros. The Golden Lip + Mirror Duo comes with Tatcha’s Gold Camellia Lip Balm and a palm-sized mirror all bundled up in a Tatcha blue canister.

Crosstown’s Kailee Martin Will Train You (and Make You Wanna Dance)

Kailee Martin Crosstown Fitness

I had mad respect for Crosstown Fitness trainer Kailee Martin after spending an hour getting my entire body absolutely #werqed with the most ADD burst of cardio that took me through a swirl of emotions. From the sassy “I got this” to the fearful “I might pass out if I spend one more second on this treadmill… SAVE ME.” Just don’t let my drama fool you. I loved every second. Though, I think my true adoration came when she said to me with the sweetest upswing, “ya know, I’m a rap-based person.” ME TOO, Kailee. If my workouts (scratch that, my DAYS!) don’t involve some level of getting down, I’m probably not having as much fun as I should be.  For the record, Kailee’s always do and she even puts out a new playlist every week on Spotify (find her by her full name – Kailee Martin) filled with all sorts of put-your-back-into-it jams.

Over a personal training session, which included Kailee’s “secret booty workout” and me doing chin-ups for the first time since grade school, I got to know this spunky trainer a little more. What I discovered was a risk taker with a bold outlook on life.  At the ripe age of 21 (yes, I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered that, too), Kailee has built a devoted fan base at Crosstown Fitness, where she personal trains and teaches nearly a dozen classes each week.

Crosstown Fitness Chicago

A dancer since childhood, Kailee took a chance after two years at Columbia College. “I was studying music and dance and I loved it but I just felt internally that I wanted to do something bigger. I just didn’t know what at the time.” Her love of movement and performance paved the way for her to pursue her fitness certification and eventually to a job at a big box gym. The latter had her wanting more than machines and the usual personal training regimen. “I actually walked by Crosstown before it was Crosstown and saw them training the trainers. I was like, how can I work here?!” Eventually Kailee got a job manning the front desk and was surprised one morning with a chance to prove she could command a class when an instructor was a no-show. The rest, as they say, is history.

I gleaned some life lessons from her approach to group fitness. “Bodies respond best to change,” Kailee explains.  “Don’t be afraid to pick up 10 or even 20 lbs – push yourself!” I’m guilty of going for the 5 lb weights and staying in my comfort zone. But, if Kailee can have me rowing 12 lb weights in a plank for 20 reps on each side than surely I can face the other changes charging through my life right now with equal tenacity.

Oh, and the secret booty workout? Leg lifts, baby. Lots of ‘em at all sorts of angles.

Gift Local This Holiday

Chicago Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday on the internet is a scary place to be.  Anyone else get absolutely sucked in by all of the sale emails? Self-control is the name of the game. I’d give my BF performance a C+ this year, guys. While I did hit up some brick & mortar shops, most of the damage I did was online. In the process, though, I developed the ultimate gift guide to help you treat all the loves on your list. This year, I’m doing holiday gift guides the 312B way…local, feminine and bold. It’s how I roll. First up, let’s start with Chicago’s finest.

I am a coco-oil devotee and often recommend others get on the bandwagon. But giving someone a giant tub of Nature’s Way isn’t exactly a “pretty” gift. Enter Cocovit, harvested from fair trade coconuts in South India and made in the 312. That packaging, tho…right? They even make a mini!

I deem La Bella Figura’s Lisette La Coquette to be the perfect red lip tint for all. I’ve seen it on all complexions, from my shade of fair to THEE Lisette who has a deep olive complexion. It looks banging every time. I also recommend checking out the LBF Skin Tonics that are like vitamins for your skin, meant to be used before moisturizer and serums. I’m all about gifting for the complexion!

There’s a great shop on Montrose and Winchester called Alapash, owned by the terrarium master of the USofA— seriously, no one does it better than Marco. He takes such care in his craft, calling the succulents his “little babies.” His shop is filled with all sorts of unique treasures and he even has a pop-up at Gallery 19 until January 1.

One of the highlights of my year was discovering the talented Michelle Starbuck. I constantly wear her jewelry and am gifting it to just about everyone this holiday (spoiler alert). I love her stud earrings – especially these diamonds – and the malachite conical necklace!

Being the beauty gal that I am, I like to gift a makeup bag and fill it with a few beauty treats. I love the simple masculine aesthetic of Pine & Plastic designs – handmade, sewn and painted in Chicago by a young designer named Andrew Wayne.

Anyone living in the Midwest knows: blankets are ALWAYS a perfect gift. Maya Mueble (founded by Emily Prendergast and her brother Brian) discovers small family artisans in Latin America and brings their handcrafted creations to Chicago. This wool blanket is made in a small village of Guatemala with a foot on treadle loom and is the thickest coziest blanket I’ve ever felt!

And, if you are in Chicago and you prefer to do your gift-getting in person, there are a few great shows coming up. Renegade Market is back for the holidays on December 6 and 7 at the Bridgeport Art Center and Dose Market is December 14 in the West Loop.

This is the Holiday Shopping Event of the Season (sorry Black Friday!)

Comfort Me Chicago Holiday

The holidays are here whether we’re ready for them or not. I went all in this weekend and put up my tree so that it would be all done when I return from Thanksgiving festivities. The glow of the lights are already bringing me a little more joy.  I’m also in the holiday spirit of giving and just want it to be December 4 already!  I’m so jazzed to be a part of this cray-mazing Holiday Shop Hop going down in Lincoln Park on Thursday, December 4. Most of the shops on that stretch of Armitage and Halsted are keeping their doors open a little later that evening and having special giveaways and treats. I’ll be holding it down at Comfort Me with Monica from Caravan of Style. This boutique is such a special gem – the owner Alyssa Thomas features a lot of local and indie designers that you don’t find elsewhere. It’s a holiday shopping wonderland, trust. There are cards, accessories, sparkly wears, candles, tea and other unique finds.

Comfort Me Boutique Chicago

We’ll be selecting some of our top gifting picks and one visitor that evening is going to win an item from our gift guide and a Comfort Me gift card. Follow #LPHoliday on Insta to see what everyone else has in store. And, I’ll leave you with a little sneak peek at some of the loveliness that is Comfort Me! Comfort Me Chicago Comfort Me Chicago BoutiqueComfort Me

Set Your Intention. And Repeat.

finding perspective

There’s been some tonal shifts here in recent months. Maybe you’ve noticed.

You know when you go to yoga and the instructor asks you to lock in your intention at the beginning? Mine always run the gamut – Chipotle for dinner after (rewards = effective), tight butt, calm, peace. Somehow fixating on that purpose and committing to it makes it happen. Though, yes, Chipotle and a firm ass can send my body a mixed message. Hey, we are who we are. For the past several months, I’ve been locking in my intention every day as many times as it takes.


Not at yoga, though. When I wake up. During my walk to work. At 1pm. At 3pm. Before bed. Plotting to be strong, no matter what the day brings. Pushing my definition of strength. Showing strength because the alternative is not pretty. Here’s what I know: I’m stronger than I thought but being strong all the time is hard.

In a few weeks, I will officially be a party of one. My divorce is nearly complete. The logistics of untangling a marriage are crushing and draining even in the most amicable of circumstances. My newfound state of alone is both freeing and frightening. After living a level of sharedness that exists in marriage it is a body shock to be on my own. I laugh at the things that break me. In hindsight, of course. Moving was emotional, though somehow I didn’t shed a tear. Filing for divorce? Uneventful, really. I did, however, lose it after a delivery guy left and I discovered that he had stepped in dog poop and proceeded to cover an entire carpeted staircase with his footprint. And I had a falling out with a tension rod in the shower that I swear shook my soul.

So, strength is my intention. On good days, I feel it. On other days, I need it.

312 To Do: The Makeup Date

Bloomingdale's The Makeup Date

There’s a special group of people that wake up in the wee hours of Saturday to talk beauty. I call them my kindred spirits.  You know who you are. This Saturday, November 15, I will be putting on my party best and taking the stage at Bloomingdale’s to host The Makeup Date. Oh, get ready. Me and a microphone coupled with some of the best makeup artists in the biz and more than a dozen raffles to award? Oh, it’s on. The party officially gets started at 8:30 a.m. If you’re a newbie, the way it works is you snag a ticket in advance ($25) and redeem the value in product at the makeup counter of your choice after we party it up. I don’t like to play favorites but Jake Broullard from NARS is in town and I credit him with some of the best makeup advice I’ve ever received. Oh, and I’ve got the inside scoop: I’m giving away some NARS during show time. Also, did you know that Armani Beauty just launched at Bloomingdale’s this month? I’m all about the Maestro!

Surely, I’ll see some of you there, yes? RSVP to rsvpnorthmichigan@bloomingdales.com if you’re planning on attending.

The Anticipation is Real

La Bella Figura Disco Queen Gloria

Anticipation is a funny feeling. Sometimes it comes in the form of anxious nerves, full on panicky sweats, butterflies in the tum excitement and so many thoughts in the head ya can’t even sleep. My life is one big ball of anticipation lately – loads of serious and unknown – but also excitement for this creamy rose gold blush that launches today. She’s here! Her name is Disco Queen Gloria and I want to wear her to ALL the holiday parties. To their credit, La Bella Figura has been one big tease leading up to this release. Just as soon as LBF’s makeup collection came out – ya know, (Just) Jenna, (La Coquette) Lisette, (Brazilian) Denise and (Damn) Elvia – they started working on a few limited edition holiday colors. The anticipation has been building for me since September! The subtle gold flecks mixed with that feminine rose color? I mean, perfection. Use it on cheeks, temples, lips or lids — no rules persay. You do the Disco Queen your way. DQG is also joined by a creamy silver and olive duo that looks equally spectacular.

photo via La Bella Figura

Printer’s Row and Spa Anjou Charm and Delight

Spa Anjou Chicago

Charming isn’t a word I use often. It loses its power if used on something decidedly un-charming. But I’m busting it out today. We’ve got charming on charming upon CHARMING.  With a side of quaint.

It’s taken me nearly six years in Chicago to explore Printer’s Row. What was I waiting for? Big mistake. HUGE. I know. It’s a quick jaunt to the South Loop but the historic charm transports you to what feels like a different world. And, I know, for me, it was. I stood at the corner for a while taking in the view of the Willis (sigh…Sears #4eva) Tower from the South. So close, yet so far away this whole time.

Printers Row

I didn’t even know quite how much I would adore this area when I made a PrettyQuick date with Spa Anjou. It’s sandwiched in between the historic Franklin building and Sandmeyer’s book store…an independent shop with loads of, you guessed it, charm. I wrapped up cozy in this buffalo plaid wrap jacket (Target, you’re killing it!) and dabbed on my cherry Sacred Lip Shine and had an epic fall day exploring the ‘hood. I’m sure I was giddy walking down the street with leaves falling behind me and my eyes taking in rows of brick buildings with detailed architecture. Sometimes you have to let your city court you. I’d say for a first date, Printer’s Row made a great impression on me.

My mani — Essie’s nearly navy Style Cartel – lasted for a full week. I admittedly do my own nails most of the time but turning it over to the profs once in a while is a nice change. The Anjou tech did a fabulous job and didn’t overbuff or damage my nail beds in any way. I looked down at my hands a sick amount during Style Cartel’s reign. But wouldn’t you, too?!

photo #2 taken by Lindsay

A Minimalist Approach


People always ask me if they should invest more in skin care or makeup. Not so fast, friends. Let’s flip that around a bit. We should be thinking of our makeup as skin care as well. And I’ve got just the answer to that question that is truly both: Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation. It’s REAL good, guys. Real good.

The formula is thin and oil-rich, but don’t fret about that. I like to think we’ve gotten past the fear of oil (I’m a pusher!) but I get that it can be scary in the context of foundation. The leading ingredient is broccoli seed oil which acts as a primer on skin. It’s also pretty cool that the first ingredient is broccoli, right? The finish is nearly liquid to powder as a result. I love the process of putting this on. Give it a solid shake to blend everything together and squeeze a few drops – that’s all ya need – and buff on. I have equally warm and fuzzy feelings about Gressa’s immaculate buffing brush as I do the foundation itself. It has a magic wand effect on your face – but you can use your fingers, too.

It feels good to not have to choose between skin care or makeup. It’s not something you should ever have to do. I believe passionately that it is less about the investment and more about the ingredients. Don’t get sucked in to the Crème de la Mer trap. A hefty price tag doesn’t mean squat if the ingredients are doing more harm than good. If you treat your skin with eco-friendly formulas then you may find you need less makeup. But if you prefer to wear a full-face, that’s OK, too. You do you!

Let’s Hang Out


Ain’t no party like a 312 Beauty (re)launch party! But not because it doesn’t stop. It’s because we have candles and Social!

If you’re local, I hope you’ll come join me at diptyque for a special soiree on November 4.  There will be plenty of my new favorite sparkling bev to toast with and treats and raffles from diptyque. It’s always a good night when I can step away from the internet and interact with you in real life! Swing on by and we’ll all collectively swoon over diptyque’s new holiday collection. The fun starts at 5pm. See ya there?

Leah Caplanis Wants You to Be Social

Leah Caplanis Social Enjoyment

Time to ditch the vodka soda in favor of the vodka Social.

During a wave of girl about town-ing, I met Leah Caplanis. She’s the founder of Social Enjoyments, a sparkling sake-based drink that launched in Chicago this summer. One sip of this hibiscus cucumber concoction and my eyes were bugging with the “ohmygosh…but this is delicious, tell me everything” face. With a cool assurance, Leah simply said, “There wasn’t anything I liked to drink, so I had to make my own.” I loved that cheeky response — which truly was delivered so genuinely — and had an inkling that anyone who can boil down their business that way in conversation had so much more to say.

Leah Caplanis Social Chicago

How Social became Chicago’s buzziest startup actually began with Leah giving up alcohol for three years.

At age 26, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Doctors suggested she remove her thyroid and take the medication that one who has their thyroid removed be required to take daily for the rest of their lives. Chances were good; this was the best course of treatment, they said. But Leah decided against surgery and opted to fight her cancer holistically. “I couldn’t plan for anything. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

She went vegan, ditched alcohol and immersed herself in this lifestyle —leading her to experiment with light therapy and even an ancient Native American herbal treatment that shrinks tumors.

The strength and courage in Leah’s voice is humbling and inspiring. I was sitting with this brave woman recounting what I can only imagine to be one of the most frightening times of her life with a cheerful smile on her face.

And, she used that experience to shape her business, nailing some major truths. “There’s so much alcohol in standard drinks — women get drunk and disempowered by regretting decisions they make.” Leah also wanted something she could drink that wasn’t so sugary and hard on the body. Social is made for women, though nothing about this drink is “girly.” Sake is brewed not distilled – your liver thanks you for the break – and mixes well with just about everything. Even wheat beer, which I tried after Leah recommended.

After working for Nestle for 8 years, Leah found herself at the University of Chicago pursuing her Master’s degree in marketing.  “I knew about selling products to grocery. I knew about supply chain and how a business was run but had never worked with alcohol.” She found a team, worked with a friend from grad school and pulled Social together – from concept to market – in less than two years.

There are some people who make starting a business look easy. Leah is one of those women. But, she keeps it real with her advice to others. “Don’t quit. It seems like it comes together but we had really rough times. It took six months to get a producer so I was selling without knowing if I could produce. You can’t always have these things done until people accept you even though those people need you to have them done before you’re in.”

Social is all around Chicago — Target, Plum Market, Mariano’s, Whole Foods — and you can even order it up at the Bedford, Untitled and Nellcote.   With a product called Social, you can count on running in to Leah in the city. Her brand is all about the freedom to enjoy life. “You don’t name your brand Social and sit at home behind a computer all day,” she jokes.

Oh, and this bold babe has big plans. Social just launched in LA and Leah has her sights on more cities soon. Cheers to that!