Five Things I Learned From MAC Artist Keri Germain

Makeup by MAC artist Keri Germain

Chicago loves its MAC  Cosmetics. The proof is in the third free-standing retail space the cosmetics giant recently opened at The Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Ave. As far as MAC stores go, it’s pretty slick. Mirrors everywhere, a lash bar to please everyone’s falsie comfort level, wall-sized LED screens streaming  demos and even a hands-on “playtable” (that’s an official description.) There are also 25 in-house makeup artists on staff.  I had a little playtable sesh of my own recently with one of them:  the talented Keri Germain.

MAC Keri GermainThat’s Keri!

My strategy when getting artist time is to just soak up all their knowledge. My only agenda was glowy skin (always) and long lashes (again, always). The rest was in Keri’s hands and did girlfriend ever deliver! Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. She reintroduced me to some classic MAC products that had fallen off my radar and dropped some tips on me that are changing how I do my makeup. I’ve got you curious now don’t I? Of course I’m spilling.

1. Strobe Cream is your bestie. Apply it before your makeup. Or, if you want, wear it instead of makeup. Unlike other highlighters, this is more of a light-reflecting moisturizer so it it’s more subtle. This has been a major morning-after saver after all of this season’s holiday parties. Sleep ain’t got nothing to do with the glow on my face.

MAC 187 Brush

2. One brush really can do it all. Keri used the #187 to sweep on the Strobe Cream, foundation, highlighter and blush. Building in that order actually helps. A little Strobe mixes in with your foundation and your highlighter melds with your complexion. And, color comes last.

3. Speaking of blush… we tend to apply right at the apples of our cheek. Keri says “no, no.” Instead, start further back so you don’t have a big blob of color concentrated so obviously on that part of your face. The duo-fiber brush helps make it more subtle and you can build it up as needed.

MAC 124 Brush

4. Have you ever used a fluffy brush to sweep eye shadow under your eyes?! Me neither, until Keri converted me. The key is to take a neutral not too much of a contrast to your skintone (for me – MAC Wedge or Soft Brown) and use a brush like the MAC #124 to blend it naturally. Even though you’re adding darkness to that area, somehow it works and gives balance to whatever look you’re rocking above the lash line.

5. Naked Pigment is the universal must-have. Keri sprinkled some on the lid and then pressed the same fluffly brush over it to pick up the color and sweep all over my lid. It added just the right amount of sheen. Keri tells me dark skin tones can even use this as a highlighter.

Oh, and a bonus rave from me? MAC Matchmaster Concealer is like a magic eraser! I love the stick formula and the colors blend to your skin tone. So, even if it isn’t a 100% match, it soon becomes one on your skin. I keep this in my purse now, always.

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  1. Anna

    Thanks for sharing so nice tips,I really like Strobe creams you suggest. IAll the m.a.c cosmetics like magic eraser,they are really cool 😛


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