The Chop is In For 2015

Civello Salon Haircut

Every year has a hair do. I think 2015 is going to be all about the chop.  The meaning of ‘chop’ will be subjective, of course, but, mark my words: you will have less hair next year than you do in 2014. I started my own chop this summer. Slowly but surely, I’ve been trimming. My threshold for it not being too short was still being able to throw it up in a bun. All that changed after what is arguably the best haircut I ever had at the hands (and shears) of Ray Civello. I’m full-on chopped and loving it.

Ray is the founder of Civello Salon, born in Toronto and now in Chicago with River North, Lincoln Park and Lakeview locations. Civello chose Chicago as its entry into the U.S. We’re so fresh, guys.

My experience was thoroughly enjoyable. I mean, it’s not every day a PRESIDENT cuts your hair. Though, his approach and technique is passed down to his stylists. Each appointment begins with a consultation and analysis so the stylist can really assess your face and specific style. Ray noticed my lob was a little longer in the back and, he said, for my face shape it should be the opposite. The experience was personal and pampering. Tea, essential oil scalp massage and even a treatment with Aveda Hand Relief while my hair was getting washed. I’ll totally be back. If only I could book Ray on the regular!

Comfort Me Boutique

I also left the salon armed with one of the best styling tips for short hair. To give some piecey texture, Ray sprayed hairspray into his hands, rubbed them together a bit and then massaged it into my ends. It was a light bulb in the head moment and I’ve been working that one on the daily.

Happy New Year (and new hair) to you all!

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  1. Katherine

    Your hair looks great!! I love my short hair! I’ve done the same thing, just continuously gone shorter the past two years. Maybe I’ll get a pixie this year 😉
    Katherine recently posted…LatelyMy Profile

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