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In exactly one week, I am getting the closet overhaul I’ve been dreaming of my adult life. After four years in our house, we finally turned it over to the Elfa experts at The Container Store in Lincoln Park to help us help ourselves. Before the brand new baby gets installed, I’ve been on a steadfast mission to declutter. Once I get going, I can’t stop. No closet has been spared, including my beauty drawers. I’ve joined up with the lovely team at Clementine Daily starting this month and am over there dishing on the fruits of my labors in a special beauty themed spring cleaning fest. Time to toss those ancient tubes of sunscreen and the multi-use palettes you’ve been hanging on to since 2008. Or wait, is this just me?

If you’ve yet to discover Clementine, it’s a site for you, me and every girl out there living a sometimes crazy but always inspired life. Written by real women for real women, it’s about the journey not the perfect destination. Hope you love it as much as I do!

More on that beauty drawer refresh, right this way!

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