Need to Know: NARS Summer

NARS Summer

I like what you’re working with, NARS. A fun new color collection launched this week. With product names like Hot Sand, Tropical Princess and Lost Coast, it’s clear this is for summer! The mixed palette of bright orange — that nail polish! – lilac and champagne is precisely what I want to wear right now. Specifically, you need to know just what a tiny squeeze of the peach illuminator mixed in with your tinted moisturizer can do for your complexion followed by layering the lavender and pewter shadows in the Lost Coast Duo on your eyelids. NARS always pairs colors together that you wouldn’t on your own and the result always surprises me, in a good way.

Hope everyone has a nice long holiday weekend in store. I’m still reeling from last night’s Scandal finale. I’m mostly sad I have to wait until next season for more Scott Foley.

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