The Science of Good Hair Days

Living Proof Your Best Hair

Why is that good hair days are just better days overall? They seem to be. I think the confidence we exude when we feel our best is a very real thing.  I’m all smiles these days because I’ve got my best hair down to a science. Or, more accurately, tiny molecules.

Living Proof Stylers

Living Proof Satin

They even have names! One is bae…or technically PBAE, but you know, I like to give nicknames.  Living Proof invented a molecule named PBAE to trick fine hair into behaving like it’s full and thick. As they explain, flat hair simply has no friction so this molecule creates a tiny (invisible) pattern of thickening dots on every strand so hair doesn’t simply lie flat. There’s also another molecule in nearly every Living Proof product that creates a thin (also invisible) shield around ever strand of hair to protect it from the world. The styling, the brushing, humidity, dirt, etc. It’s the kid gloves molecule, as I call it.

I’ve been experimenting with Living Proof for the last month – using it exclusively – for a fun project that I did with Clementine Daily. For more on that fun experiment, go check it out!

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