U-Rah-Rah Road Tripping

Indy Final Four

A few weeks ago, I packed my bag, red sweatshirts and hopped in a (ruby red!) Buick Encore for a road trip adventure for the record books. Topping the list of one of the most epic experiences I’ve ever had is seeing MY team play for the NCAA Championship. In person! And, damn, wouldn’t ya know…we almost won, too. Bucky Badger, you’re still my number one. Needless to say, I’m still reeling from the nonstop excitement during Final Four weekend. That energy rides itself out for awhile upon return!  It would have been incredible to take home the title but it’s not about the win or loss. For me, it was an immersion in bonding. Both with new friends that accompanied me on the trip and rallied behind Wisconsin to support me (seriously, guys…tears!), meeting up with old friends that rolled in to town for the game and seeing a basketball team I heart so much have fun and throw down on that court. The streets of Indy were alive with fans and nothing unites complete strangers like a matching t-shirt and university pride. I fist pumped men, women and children on the streets like it was my j-o-b. Experiences shape you and I hold the memories from this trip very dearly. I’ve got the full dish on my Indy Buick road trip over on Clementine Daily. Ch-check it out!

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