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Hairapy. It’s a real thing. I thought I was clever coming up with that term but turns out there is a whole culture around this word. The experience that sparked its usage for me was a visit to DreamDry. I don’t consider DreamDry to be a blowout bar, though that’s precisely what the Rachel Zoe-fronted salon is. It’s more of a hairapy destination. You walk in feeling meh and walk out all BAM. I got my hair DID. Dramatic sashay down the Lincoln Park storefront stoop optional, though mighty tempting. A good hair day does wonders for your state of mind; let’s not gloss over that important detail.

Blow dry-only bars are aplenty now in Chicago but there’s something special about DreamDry that I really appreciate. The atmosphere can best be described as relaxed elegance and the stylists are majorly skilled in freshness. The breezy Oribe-scented air is intoxicating and from the moment you plop down into that cushy black leather seat, you are in a dreamy state of mind.

DreamDry Chicago

DreamDry Style Menu

They use the right amount of product – always customizing it to your liking – and tools to achieve the desired look. There’s no hair brushes stuck in your hair or weird tricks with the dryer. It’s just classic styling and a menu that flexes for all lengths of hair and types of styles. Up, braided, sleek, wavy and even  BYO-picture if you have something in mind. The most popular style at the Lincoln Park location is the ‘Stevie Undone.’ I spend most days trying to recreate that look but always like it better when someone else does it for me. As I was saying, hairapy.

DreamDry Stevie Undone

My Stevie, Undone

To make the most out of your DreamDry (or other blowout) experience, I suggest going in the afternoon on a Friday or Saturday. That way you can enjoy it for most of the day and it relaxes some before you go out for the evening.  Before bed, to preserve the integrity, tie your hair up in a loose scrunchie (yes, a scrunchie…) or fan it out across your pillow. For good measure, dust some dry shampoo into your roots before bed as well but don’t blend it in all the way. The powder will eventually soak into your roots and give you a little lift by morning. Oh, and check the forecast. Nothing cramps a good hairapy session like rain.

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