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Makeup bag peeping is practically a national pastime. Apparently there’s a very internet name for all of this…hashtag and all: #beautyshelfie. Of course, right? According to my pals at Total Beauty, this glimpse into our worlds is where a beauty lover is her truest (errr…curated) self. I’m game. Shall we?

I’ve been a creature of habit lately, relying on mostly the same few products every day. Most impressive is this MAKE Face Gloss. It’s just .SO.COOL. Not a highlighter, in fact, completely clear, but somehow gives a luminosity to skin that rivals the pile of illuminators I have sitting in a bin. The gloss factor lasts for hours! To really have some fun, dab some on your eyelids and get all editorial with yourself.

Oh, and there’s also this prime-perfect pink-hued SPF from Radical Skin Care that I slather on dutifully every day. And, this new mascara from Benefit that does something known as “hook and roll” to give you insanely long and separated lashes.

For more from me and to peek onto the shelves of beauty babes, hop on over to Total Beauty!

8 thoughts on “A Window into My Beauty World

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  2. Caitlin

    Confession: snooping my friends (and strangers/almost-new-friends) beauty bags is my favorite! I have this horrible habit of walking into a friend’s room or bathroom and picking up each product to look at it, and talk about why they use this vs. that. Definitely reveals so much about people!
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  3. Behind the Mirror

    I’ve been dying to try the Make Face Gloss. It looks so interesting to me. I love love love to snoop in people’s makeup bags. Every time I do I find a new product that ends up being a staple. It’s amazing! xo, Amanda
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  4. Kait

    Interesting. I love a good “what’s in my bag/on my counter”. It’s just neat to see what others are using and why (totally with you on the snooping, Caitlin!).

    How’s the smell on the Radical Skin Care? I like a product I can use every day without smelling like I’m going to the beach…

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