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The biggest chore is washing my hair. I love how a fresh shampoo feels but really prefer how a dirty mane looks. The texture and volume can’t be beat! The smell, however, is usually a mix of whatever I made for dinner the night before and the scent of Chicago air. Yes…a lovely combo. Luckily, hair perfume is starting to happen. Hair absorbs scent more than skin (oh, a blessing and a curse!) so it makes sense that there are products with the sole purpose of making your hair smell great.


Most notable is Oribe, who created a hair refresher that absorbs odors in your hair and replaces them with the Oribe signature scent, a soft and sultry floral aroma with lychee and watermelon. It’s not a dry shampoo, so don’t expect it to absorb oil. But while it’s ridding your hair of unwanted smells it will cut static and give you a layer of much needed UV protection. The tiny bottle is easy to tote in your bag and it really does work. Arch Apothecary uses Oribe and they turned me on to this the last time I was in for a blowout.

I explored the topic of hair perfume for Clementine Daily this week, so you can head on over that way for a tip on how to incorporate in your day to day!

More Cote D’ Azur…the Black & Gold collection is the best!

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3 thoughts on “Trending: Hair Perfume

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Hey Kimmmy! The Oribe is less of a dry shampoo so if you’re extending days between washes, you’ll want to use something else to soak up oil at your scalp (if that is a problem for you)

      1. Kimmy

        Thanks Laurie. I do use dry shampoo from time to time, I guess I meant how long do you think you can keep your hair smelling “fresh” without washing. But now that I think about it, I would not go more than three days without washing anyway. 🙂
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