Stripped Down

Lululemon Karma Kurmasana Sweater

I’m keeping warm, sure, because I’m wearing unspeakable amounts of layers. It’s the only way I could have survived January in Chicago.

Commuting has its aches. This is how my train of thought usually goes when I’m running to catch the L to work.  Why didn’t I wear my snow boots, the ones with better traction…I’m going to crack my skull on an ice patch, I know it.  Shoot, I forgot to wear wool socks. Why didn’t I wear the gloves that have working “smart” fingers. Do I really need to respond to that text? Thank goodness I wore heat tech leggings under my jeans. Why is it so windy?? I should just take an Uber.

It should come as no surprise that I’m taking a bare approach to beauty. No unnecessary layers. When Chicago’s signature chill is at peak, my eyes water, my hair is met with static electricity and my skin requires extra hydration. The less complicated, the more put together and cute I feel during the day.

Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream

It starts by prepping skin with something really rich and hydrating so your skin doesn’t dry out before your day officially begins. One option is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream which, over time, helps firm, brighten skin and reduce the appearance of lines. It also has sun protection which is, in fact, a key layer in the morning.

I’ve been using the CoverGirl truNAKED Shadow Palettes – I’m partial to the ‘nudes’ and ‘roses – constantly. The depth of each shadow is impressive and they are so easy to blend. As somewhat of a nude eyeshadow expert (never.enough.palettes!) I can confirm the quality of these are as good as you’d expect from something that costs four times as much.

CoverGirl Naked Palette CoverGirl truNaked Shadow Palette

I’ve been trading in my liquid liner (because mega watery tear ducts) for truNAKED Waterproof Eyeliner Duo in the cashmere/espresso blend. It goes on really evenly without any tugging. I layer the two shades on the bottom lash line and skip it up top and outer corners when I know it’s going to be brutal outside.

Herbal Essences Naked

Mostly, my hair is on auto pilot. I try to wash it less and avoid heat styling. In my shower is the Herbal Essences Naked Clean & Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner. It removes buildup of a few days’ worth of styling products, lathers just enough and never weighs my hair down. Day one is especially sweet because the minty strawberry aroma wafts along and when I take off my hat when I get to work, it reveals itself.

Do you change your beauty routine this time of year?

Let me know if so. I’m giving away up to 10 prize packs of all the products mentioned in this post. It’s a good one! Leave me a comment or send me an email if you’re interested.*

Update 2/3: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!

*If you’ve previously won a P&G giveaway, note that product fulfillment takes some time.   

First photo taken by Lindsay Humes of White Oak Creative

17 thoughts on “Stripped Down

  1. Amber

    Definitely interested! Add an fellow Illinoian, i can sympathize with the cold and dryness. Thanks for offering this, Laurie!

  2. MB Lieberman

    Thank you for your blog posts and this edition’s the eyeliner recommendation! Like you, a fello Chicagoan, my eyes tear in the cold weather. I too change my routine to add a more moisture and hydration. As a curly girl, I add a few drops of argan oil to the ends of my hair before any other products (after shampoo+conditioner) and before I put on my warmest hat to trek to the L, I wrap an old silk scarf around my hear to prevent as many flyaway frizz as possible. Spring is on its way, the morning light is changing!

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      MB, hey there! It stays light out until 5 – that’s major! Good call on the silk scarf – static is the worst with wool. I always get shocked by everything I touch. It hurts:) Emailing you for your mailing info.

  3. Jenna

    My skincare routine is much gentler once winter arrives in Chicago! I switch over to La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Fluide instead of the Effaclar Mat I wear during warmer months. I’m also very careful to always have hand lotion within reach. Finally, I’ve learned never to put on lipstick right before throwing on a scarf — too easy to smudge!!

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Jenna, ohhhh, the lipstick is the worst! I got some on my coat over the weekend and was furiously scrubbing the material together to get rid of it. You are so right on the hand lotion. Emailing you for your mailing info:)

  4. Lauren

    Winters here (Chicago) are the worst! I change up my routine by adding in some extra moisturizing treatments – face and lip masks. Thanks for offering the giveaway. Looks like a great one! I’d love to try those shadows!

  5. Angela Keller

    Definitely interested! I need to switch up my skincare routine. Creamy cleansers and a rich moisturizer is s must for my winter skin!


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