Makeup that Mimics an Insta Filter

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

Matte makeup scares me. Give me a dewy or what’s the point, right? Well, maybe not.  Ever since I read Skin Cleanse, I’ve been more aware of how we talk about our skin. We’re accustomed to classifying our skin to a few types: dry, oily, combination, but these are symptoms, not types. It’s like when I tell my friends with “oily” skin to start using facial oils and they look at me crazy. I can’t just reject an entire category because I have “dry” skin. These characteristics may impact how we use products but not necessarily what we use.

Because I’m makeup curious, I gave the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint a spin. Holy whoa. I think this might be bae. It’s soft and velvety to the touch – this finish is really becoming a NARS signature across products – and is like putting a soft focus lens over the skin. I like to apply with my fingers and only have to use the tiniest bit. It’s modern day matte. A velvety tinted moisturizer, if you will. It diffuses skin, controls shine (to my delight – I needed this!) and has plenty of moisturizers (though it is oil-free) and vitamins to make sure skin doesn’t dry out. The most telling part is how it manages to just keep on looking better as the day goes on and into the night, too. It’s like wearing your favorite Instagram filter. Done and done.

The colors are the same as all other NARS foundations as well so it was really easy to find a match. I’m the shade Alaska! It’s the little things, guys.

Any foundations to shout out on your end? Let me know what you’re using these days.

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