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The Science of Good Hair Days

Living Proof Your Best Hair

Why is that good hair days are just better days overall? They seem to be. I think the confidence we exude when we feel our best is a very real thing.  I’m all smiles these days because I’ve got my best hair down to a science. Or, more accurately, tiny molecules.

Living Proof Stylers

Living Proof Satin

They even have names! One is bae…or technically PBAE, but you know, I like to give nicknames.  Living Proof invented a molecule named PBAE to trick fine hair into behaving like it’s full and thick. As they explain, flat hair simply has no friction so this molecule creates a tiny (invisible) pattern of thickening dots on every strand so hair doesn’t simply lie flat. There’s also another molecule in nearly every Living Proof product that creates a thin (also invisible) shield around ever strand of hair to protect it from the world. The styling, the brushing, humidity, dirt, etc. It’s the kid gloves molecule, as I call it.

I’ve been experimenting with Living Proof for the last month – using it exclusively – for a fun project that I did with Clementine Daily. For more on that fun experiment, go check it out!

Why I’m Anti Anti-Aging

312 Beauty

This month, I turn 33. And once I do, I’m sure it will take me six months to remember. Does anyone else pause for an awkward amount of time when someone asks you how old you are? And, who are these people asking that question anyway? Regardless, assuming I can remember, I’m completely OK with telling you. I’m a realist. The reality is that we are aging. Oh, the ‘a’ word. What comes with that, in the context of beauty, is anti-aging marketing everywhere you go. Erase those fine lines! Fight wrinkles before they ruin your life. Battle dark circles you tired-looking old person. Quick, cover up those dark spots. Oh, for the love of drama.

Every birthday brings way more than just a number I can’t remember. We’re wiser, more insightful and more connected with who we are. How can anyone be “anti” that?

I’m all for preserving a youthful glow and SPF is my ride or die, but I’m fully supportive of adding years if it means I’m happier at soon-to-be 33 than I ever was at 26. Whether I like it or not, that line forming in my forehead is because I smile so damn much. The joy I feel in my heart and the passion I have for experiencing life far surpasses any anxiety I might have over wrinkles. Bring it, 33.

There’s more on this topic over at Clementine Daily! Check out my recs for anti anti-aging skincare that is nature-powered and pro being awesome at any age.

U-Rah-Rah Road Tripping

Indy Final Four

A few weeks ago, I packed my bag, red sweatshirts and hopped in a (ruby red!) Buick Encore for a road trip adventure for the record books. Topping the list of one of the most epic experiences I’ve ever had is seeing MY team play for the NCAA Championship. In person! And, damn, wouldn’t ya know…we almost won, too. Bucky Badger, you’re still my number one. Needless to say, I’m still reeling from the nonstop excitement during Final Four weekend. That energy rides itself out for awhile upon return!  It would have been incredible to take home the title but it’s not about the win or loss. For me, it was an immersion in bonding. Both with new friends that accompanied me on the trip and rallied behind Wisconsin to support me (seriously, guys…tears!), meeting up with old friends that rolled in to town for the game and seeing a basketball team I heart so much have fun and throw down on that court. The streets of Indy were alive with fans and nothing unites complete strangers like a matching t-shirt and university pride. I fist pumped men, women and children on the streets like it was my j-o-b. Experiences shape you and I hold the memories from this trip very dearly. I’ve got the full dish on my Indy Buick road trip over on Clementine Daily. Ch-check it out!

All About That Base

bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

You know, I REALLY am all about that base. Seriously. No skin trouble.

It’s high time for trying new foundations. Something about winter gets you really in tune with your skin needs. In my case, gimme all the moisture and extra dew. That about describes the new bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. It’s like a BB, CC and tinted moisturizer in one. Superior to just any one of those products, though.  And, I’ve got to say, in the most eloquent way: it feels bomb diggity on the face. Especially when using this brush!

Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush

The makers at bareMinerals took an opposites approach to formulating Complexion Rescue and made it so mineral-infused water hits the skin first, followed by color and other hydrating humectants. Apparently, in other TMs, BBs and CCs, it’s usually the reverse. If you too geek out over science-y demos, just watch this.  Mind kind of blown, yes?

This is the kind of makeup for people that don’t really like wearing makeup, and that’s what I love. It enhances what you’re working with but also conceals the right amount. Your freckles will still shine through!

I’m over at Clementine Daily with More on Complexion Rescue and our mission for More in general.

8 Beauty Up and Comers

beauty up and comers

Fearlessness is a trait I admire so much. People who just go for it and take risks without knowing all of the answers. Being around people like this are good for my soul and being. The planner and the (over)thinker in me gets caught in my own head way too much. Because I just want to know how it’s all going to unfold. Nah, actually, it’s even worse. I want to plan how it’s all going to go down. I’m working on it, guys. When the lovelies at Clementine Daily asked me to cover up and comers in the beauty world, I honed in right away on a group of fearless women who are innovating and creating. They all have a story, a strong POV and passion that is 100% their own. Bow down, bitches. I know I do. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a handful of these women, some I call friends and all I respect. Head on over to Clementine to find out more about these fearless women and the beauty they are bringing into this world!

Trending: Hair Perfume


The biggest chore is washing my hair. I love how a fresh shampoo feels but really prefer how a dirty mane looks. The texture and volume can’t be beat! The smell, however, is usually a mix of whatever I made for dinner the night before and the scent of Chicago air. Yes…a lovely combo. Luckily, hair perfume is starting to happen. Hair absorbs scent more than skin (oh, a blessing and a curse!) so it makes sense that there are products with the sole purpose of making your hair smell great.


Most notable is Oribe, who created a hair refresher that absorbs odors in your hair and replaces them with the Oribe signature scent, a soft and sultry floral aroma with lychee and watermelon. It’s not a dry shampoo, so don’t expect it to absorb oil. But while it’s ridding your hair of unwanted smells it will cut static and give you a layer of much needed UV protection. The tiny bottle is easy to tote in your bag and it really does work. Arch Apothecary uses Oribe and they turned me on to this the last time I was in for a blowout.

I explored the topic of hair perfume for Clementine Daily this week, so you can head on over that way for a tip on how to incorporate in your day to day!

More Cote D’ Azur…the Black & Gold collection is the best!

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Beauty Products That Work for Everyone


Makeup is personal. Beyond just expression but the sheer number of choices we have. MAC alone has 13 different foundations and dozens of shades for each formula. And, discovering your signature lip color? It’s a journey not a destination. You’re right to be overwhelmed. The ladies at Clementine Daily gave me a fabulous assignment: beauty products that work for everyone, regardless of age, skin color, type or lifestyle. I was all over this one with serious thoughts. There’s the brow pencil that works on every single person, regardless of hair color, a nude gloss that everyone can wear and six more tried and true for errbody! Right this way for the full scoop…

Image credit // dreaming with a deadline

Spring Cleaning + Clementine Daily


In exactly one week, I am getting the closet overhaul I’ve been dreaming of my adult life. After four years in our house, we finally turned it over to the Elfa experts at The Container Store in Lincoln Park to help us help ourselves. Before the brand new baby gets installed, I’ve been on a steadfast mission to declutter. Once I get going, I can’t stop. No closet has been spared, including my beauty drawers. I’ve joined up with the lovely team at Clementine Daily starting this month and am over there dishing on the fruits of my labors in a special beauty themed spring cleaning fest. Time to toss those ancient tubes of sunscreen and the multi-use palettes you’ve been hanging on to since 2008. Or wait, is this just me?

If you’ve yet to discover Clementine, it’s a site for you, me and every girl out there living a sometimes crazy but always inspired life. Written by real women for real women, it’s about the journey not the perfect destination. Hope you love it as much as I do!

More on that beauty drawer refresh, right this way!