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EcoTools Day to Night Set

Someone might have gone on a wee bit of a YouTube beauty bender during a recent rainy Saturday. It was perfect. I found myself wishing against the peek of sun just so I could revel in my lazy slumber a little longer. My beauty binge drug of choice was the lovely Brit Lisa Eldridge. I’m a devotee of the School of Eldridge and found myself way behind on her tutorials. After seeing her “pinpoint” conceal video after video, I got up and got to work on my own bare face. Pinpoint concealing is so smart! Ever layer on the foundation a little too hard just to cover up a small bit of redness or one blemish? Think you need full coverage but really you just need full coverage on two tiny specks. Yup. Pinpoint concealing is your jam.

Lisa always uses brushes intended for eyes rather than concealer because they are usually smaller and help to cover just a small area. I immediately grabbed my EcoTools Day to Night Set and found the perfect tool (originally intended for lips!) to get to pinpointing.

EcoTools Concealer

Ahh, it’s so easy and appeals to the perfectionist in all of us. Dab you brush in a thicker, opaque concealer and stipple it over your blemishes or any stubborn spots.  I use my MAC Matchmaster but another good option is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. Then, with your fingers, pat it in or use a fluffy brush to blend the edges away. It’s like instant skin retouching, but with concealer instead of software. As Lisa explains, this is a classic makeup artist trick and is perfect for everyday gals like you and me because it gives us that flawless finish without all that makeup.

EcoTools Concealer

And if you do need a little more than pinpointing, there is a pointed concealer brush in this kit that works quite nicely under the eye. I use it to blend out my Becca Corrector – a.k.a. awake in a pot. I love the brightening effect. And, for my constant on-the-go life, I like to slip a few extras in the brush container and throw it in my bag.

P.S. Lisa Eldridge is coming out with a book! All on the history of makeup – cannot wait.

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3 thoughts on “Pinpointing Complexion Perfection

  1. Ashlynn

    This is lovely! I am also a student of the school of Eldridge and absolutely love this technique of hers, it has been my greatest take-away. I also have this Day to Night set by Eco Tools and use the lip brush for exactly that! I got this set for the powder brush and the lip brush actually because it looked like the perfect tool for pinpoint concealers. The pointed concealer brush of this set I actually use to apply shadow in a V in the corner of my eye OR I use it to blend eyeliner on my lash line. Thank you for sharing this technique! It needs to be put out there more. I no longer use full coverage, despite my acne, because the skin around my spots is so nice! I always felt bad covering it too.


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