The Perfect Makeup Bag?

Kusshi Kickstarter

I saw a Kickstarter this summer for a new makeup bag concept called Kusshi. They call it the “Perfect Makeup Bag’ for the modern (/busy) woman. OK, intrigued. That’s me! The premise: solves everything wrong with your current makeup bag. You know how most makeup bags sit upright? Well, Kusshi’s zippers go all the way down the side so you can folds down flat and see all of your product. There’s a zippered pouch, two super handy mesh compartments to help organize your pretties. They even rethought the brush roll –different sized slots so you can store lipstick, eyeliners and other makeup beyond brushes.

I backed two beauty Kickstarters this year – Drifter Organics and Kusshi – I’m pretty pleased with both of those decisions.

kusshi bag Kusshi

Kusshi Makeup Bag

I got my Kusshi in the mail just after Thanskgiving and couldn’t wait to give it a go while I went to Miami. The zipper down sides are a game changer. I don’t really have to take anything out – it’s all just there, flat for me to see. Kusshi is good for travel, sure, but I see this appealing for at home if you keep all of your products in a makeup bag. I wouldn’t say Kusshi fits more or is compact – but it makes it easier to do your makeup and keeps you organized. However, this is a sturdy bag. The nylon is thick (it also comes in leather) and sturdy. I’ve shattered makeup before (see my sad NARS blush from my August trip) so protection is key.

Kusshi Brush Roll

Kusshi Brush Roll ClutchI opted for the black nylon and also got the leather clutch cover for my brush roll. There’s a ton of different combos – I believe all linings are red, hoping to see more options soon.

Travel Makeup

I packed this full. I only brought two base products – my Glossier Skin Tint (– > see my rep page to shop with me on Glossier!) and the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.  Totally overdid it with the concealer but it won’t be the first time. Full disclosure, after I snapped these pictures I tossed both the Light and Medium Glossier Stretch Concealers in there because I didn’t want to be without them for 10 days. And you know what, I’ve already used them both so NO REGRETS!

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Makeup Bag?

  1. Karen

    Thanks for the review. I’m trying to come up with a one bag system. I never see anyone e mention or show their shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste. Only makeup. So what do y’all do with your other essentials? Another bag?

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Hi Karen! I pack everything separately, I find that it helps with space. I use the glossier pink pouches to pack skincare/toiletries/toothbrush and I have a Space NK nylon bag that I put hair tools, product and deodorant in. That’s my system!


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