A New Generation of Lip Color

Glossier Generation G

I’m officially a Glossier fanatic. I honestly can’t wait to see what they do next because they absolutely BROUGHT IT this year. And it’s only April. Between making a face wash to put all other face washes to shame and a highly superior concealer, they also managed to do something brand new with lipstick – a feat I didn’t even think was possible. Generation G is an unfussy matte stain of sorts that glides on smooth and wears like a tinted balm. Do you ever blot your lipstick to tone down the effect? Make it look a little lived in? This is how Generation G looks on the lips. They take to lips really well and application is easy. It’s the lip color you can apply without a mirror – even the non-neutrals – and the one you’d want to wear on a date.  I ordered the Phase 2 set in the color Like, a natural rosy pink, and quickly ordered every color after I wore it for a day. Like is my favorite but the peachy nude Cake is a close second. The other two are Crush, a brighter pink, and Jam, a berry stain. I have to imagine Glossier is working on more colors. I’m patiently waiting for them conquer red at some point. I envision it be the perfect ‘just ate a cherry popsicle’ color and we all be raving about that one together. Let me know if you’ve tried these yet. And, if so, what do you think?

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