A Thankful Preview

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada which is awesome because I get two this year! I filled up on turkey and stuffing at an office lunch on Friday and smiled as every one of my coworkers went around the table and shared what they’re thankful for. I did as well and part of it was gratitude for two Thanksgivings. There’s a comfort like no other on Thanksgiving and it’s pretty cool to get a preview of my favorite holiday in October. I’m thankful for so much this year – and getting to live in Toronto and be a little Canadian for a while is near the top of that list.


In honor of my favorite holiday, I’m dedicating this week’s pretty picks with a thankful shout out to all of my favorite beauty products. These are the beauty equiv of my coziest (and stretchiest) sweatpants. Which is fitting because that’s the official wardrobe of my Thanksgiving, in the USofA and Canada.

I pared down the options in my makeup bag considerably these past few months, in part because it’s just more to bring back when I move home and also because I’ve rediscovered my love for NARS Orgasm. I’ve used this blush for many years. It’s got the perfect balance of pink and peach and it makes me feel all fresh and youthful.

I don’t know what I’d do without RMS Uncover Up and Living Luminzer. I wear far less makeup on my face than I used to and Uncover Up is a big reason why. I only use it where it’s needed and blend the Living Luminizer over on the high points of my face. I feel so comfortable in my own skin wearing this combo.

Simple is really where it’s at these days. At night, I’ve been skipping the serums and oils and instead massaging in the three ingredients deep S.W. Basics Cream onto my face. I wake up with happy skin – that’s what I call the effect of the Cream. My skin is plump and soft.

Some people have a beauty signature. I tend to switch it up but the look I favor above all others is a simply defined eye. I curl my lashes every day with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (perfect curl every time) and line my upper lash line with NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates. I’ll try other liquid liners but the felt tip and staying power of this one make it the best.

I favor masculine perfumes, they seem to soften and adapt with my body so well. The tobacco and floral notes in diptyque Volutes are so beautifully paired. I use this more so in the cooler months and cherish every spritz!

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