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I’d all but given up on setting powder. It seemed as if all of my foundations and base products were holding up just fine on their own. Why bother with an extra step? Honestly, it was all feeling very 2010 anyway. But then, the internet got to me. Everyone started raving about RMS Beauty “Un” Powder and so I added it to my list. You know the one, right? The list of beauty items to try/buy/pine for…it’s a looooong list that exists in my head and sometimes on paper. I was at Arch Apothecary a few weeks ago getting my makeup did and they carry RMS now, so we tried it out. My makeup never looked so flawless. It didn’t cover anything or take away any of the glow we worked so hard to create — it just gave me a polish that I didn’t even know I was missing. It’s so simple: 100% pure silica. That’s it! Now, that one step I wanted to cut is the one that matters most. It comes with a cute little powder puff, but it’s best when you press it on with a tiny fluffy brush. Think of it as a magic eraser…for your face.

14 thoughts on “RMS Beauty “Un” Powder

  1. Kaitie

    I also have this and never want to use any other powder ever again! I got in in the summer and it kept my skin looking perfect- kept the bad shine out while keeping my glow! So far with this colder weather it isn’t drying at all! I have the un-coverup as well and love that too! I am such a fan of RMS and every holiday/special occasion it is on the list 😉
    Thank you for sharing!!
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  2. Laura T.

    I REALLY need to try out some RMS. Every time someone mentions one of their products, there’s nothing but rave reviews! I have very dry, dehydrated skin, so I have to be very careful with powder, but I also have larger pores on either side of my nose that I want to diminish. This sounds like the perfect product!
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  3. Ruchika Modi

    I’m a devotee of the uncover up and am so intrigued by this product but am hesitant to try it for one reason alone — flash photography! The only time I wear a full face of make up, i.e. concealer, foundation, etc. is for special evening events, which always include flash photography of some kind. I’ve seen some pretty horrific photos of celebrities and it’s the 100% silica powders that are the culprit. For example: http://hawaiianxangelzcreationz.blogspot.com/2013/01/makeup-and-flash-photography-tips.html
    Yikes! Any experience with or thoughts on this sort of thing would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Annie

    How is this powder any different to MUFE HD powder? Or coastal scents silica spheres? All 100% finely milled silica powders, in the case of CS, they too claim that their silica is “spherically” cut – whatever that means.

    Thanks very much, really curious on your take on this!

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Annie, I have never used Coastal Scents but have used the MUFE. I think the RMS is softer and seems to work better for me. Though, if you’re having good results with similar products, I say stick with them!

  5. Meg

    I use the Coastal Scents silica powder every day. I love it! It keeps my skin from getting oily and makes my pores disappear. It is so inexpensive for a giant container of powder. It’s amazing!


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