This Balm is Sexy and it Knows It

Kahina Fez

Balm season is upon us and I’m full on ready. Or should I say prepared? Ready implies eager and that part just ain’t true. Balms are how I survive winter without my face and body completely surrendering to the elements. I’m certain I would be a shriveled mess without. Lotion can’t touch a balm. They rarely moisturize deeper than that outermost layer of skin. It’s why you might get dry and scaly skin despite having slathered an absurd amount of lotion on your entire body H2T just hours earlier.

Kahina Fez Balm

Balms, on the other hand, are restorative beyond all get out. One of the most spectacular takes on a body balm is from Kahina Giving Beauty. Back at A Night for Green Beauty, I met Katharine L’Heureux, the founder of Kahina. She’d just launched the Fez Hand & Body Balm, which is the second product in her line with the Moroccan-inspired scent. I knew it was going to be solid – she makes effective and nourishing skin care – but it is truly INSANE. I’m certain my eyes bugged out of my head a bit when I got all balm-fanatic on Katharine. Balms I go bananas for as is but balms that take on the Kahina Fez scent I go crazy for. It is unbelievably sexy. In that perfect way that isn’t trying too hard – it just is, ya know? Fez is an exotic mix of spice and femininity and completely unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. Rose and citrus layered with patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylange, cumin and clove. Sex-ay! I need this to be a perfume (err…hint hint) but in the meantime take great pleasure in massaging the velvety rich balm on my skin. As soon as you dig your mitts in there you can fill the texture start to melt. There’s a heavy dose of argan oil, which is Kahina’s signature,  calendula oil to calm skin, carrot seed oil, shea and mango nut butters and coconut and olive oils. I use it sparingly – but always on my neck and chest so I can breathe in that Fez goodness!

Photos by Lindsay

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