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It’s the season of drip. My tear ducts are constantly at the mercy of wind chill. Totally messes with my makeup game. And then I remembered that I asked Chicago makeup artist Jenny Patinkin how to deal with this exact problem last year and she gave some solid advice. Yes, tubing mascaras and creamy concealers are your friend in this environment. This week’s pretty picks are dedicated to the art of maintaining big beautiful eyes when all you want to do is close them, curl up in a ball and watch Netflix in bed all day (also…how was YOUR weekend?)

I’m a Warby convert. I wear my glasses a lot this time of year because my contacts get so foggy from wind tears. I had a sick amount of dollars left in my FSA at the end of last year and ended up buying three pairs…which still left me with a sick amount of dollars in my FSA. And I even splurged on the high index lenses! I absolutely do not need another pair of glasses but if I did, it would be the Carnaby frame.

As Jenny says, you need a concealer you can touch up easily after the tears flow. Make it BeautyCounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen because YES to that sleek gold pen.

Brows are total face framers and can withstand any schmeary mess. I am partial to powders in the winter. Totally loving this one by Tarte—it’s volumizing!

Pantone did us all a solid with Marsala as the color of 2015. And color me major intrigued by this marsala mascara…that you can and should also use in your brows.

Hit up the highlighter where it counts –along cheekbones toward the hairline, in a wide ‘v’ shape between your brow and definitely on your brow bone.  BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone is subtle but powerful in delivering a glow.

The Hourglass Modernist eye palettes are things of beauty! I’m in love with the color mix of the graphite version. Hello (big) blue eyes.

Just say Puff Off to circles, says Benefit. And I agree. The secret of the new de-puffing eye gel is apparently in the “ironing” tip. If you are also saying aloud at this moment that it’s “just the tip”…then congrats, you are also a 15 year old boy.

There’s a really pretty pale pink cream shadow in NARS Spring collection called Porto Venere and I’m really excited to get it on my lids. It’s a little princess-y and I’m betting majorly brightening.

I always check the weather forecast before I make the decision to wear liquid liner. A new one (under $10!) that I’m loving is from NYX.

4 thoughts on “Bigger is Better

  1. Therese Marzouk

    Thanks for a quick overview of these items. I am a contact lens wearer too, but the wind really does a number on them! I don’t usually like glasses, but those Warby specs are gorgeous! Do you find them fairly lightweight?

    The colors in the Hourglass palette are really beautiful– its almost sad to push a brush across the surface!


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