Benefit Fakeup + NARS Light Reflecting Powder


There are two products that have seamlessly made their way into my daily beauty routine. Individually, they’re great. But together, they are even better. They are Benefit fakeup concealer and NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder. Fakeup is incredibly moisturizing with a vitamin E-packed hydrating outer layer and a light-diffusing inner core. It reminds me of a tube of lip balm!


The dewy finish lends a freshness to the skin that my winter skin really needs. I am not plagued by dark circles, but the under eye situation tends to be a little dull. I almost never set my concealer but I can’t resist sweeping NARS Light Reflecting Powder over the top of fakeup. It feels wrong to call it a powder because it doesn’t act like a powder. It is weightless and feels invisible to the touch. I will sweep my fingers across the pan and I’m all why can’t I feel anything? It’s an exciting innovation! NARS infused it with a light reflecting technology that actually adjusts to new sources of light throughout the day. The formula is never drying — not even under the eyes — thanks to glycerin and vitamin E. It’s perfect with fakeup because it doesn’t change the way it looks just how long it wears.  I use a double-ended eyeshadow brush from Mally to apply. I like to pat it on with the flat side and blend it out with the fluffy end.

I’m pretty fixated with the NARS “not a powder” Light Reflecting Powder for all over, but is especially phenomenal under the eyes. I think I must not be the only one, since every time I go to Sephora it’s sold out!

8 thoughts on “Benefit Fakeup + NARS Light Reflecting Powder

    1. Laurie Post author

      It’s so fab, Lauren! So fab that I even want the loose version. It’s the same thing, but I can’t be reasoned with 🙂

  1. Megan

    Do you like the Benefit fakeup for blemishes too? Or just under eyes? I have been looking for one product to do both!


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