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Last month, at the Hotel Lincoln over green tea and the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever, I talked with Sarah Tay, founder and creative director of TAY Skincare. I’ve been a total TAY fan girl since discovering the line last year. TAY All-Purpose Shea Butter is one of my favorite hand moisturizers (the sole reason my cuticles no longer appear dry!) and the etched bamboo packaging is one to really appreciate. It’s the small details that Sarah meticulously controlled when she launched the initial TAY collection geared towards covering only the essential skin care steps, cleansing and moisturizing. You won’t find a lot of frills here, but a carefully edited line using only pure and organic ingredients like green tea extracts, avocado oils, shea butter and plant botanicals.

The design is striking, and Sarah explained to me how she trialed nearly 80 different packaging options before settling on bamboo. Beyond appearance, the bamboo helps to naturally preserve the ingredients and also has natural anti-microbial properties.

Sarah recently reformulated the Youthful Eye Treatment, which has a long list of ingredients all working for you. Notably, a higher concentration of apricot kernel oil, a touch of peppermint oil which instantly cools on contact and a neroli essence which makes it smell incredible. I’ve been weaving it in to my routine and find it comforts puffy eyes on sleep-deprived mornings quite well.

If you seek a simple but luxurious approach to skincare, TAY can help you channel that back to basics routine. Word is TAY will also be expanding further into body care later this summer. Sarah shared the news of an impending Body Butter launch. I already have dreams of how stunning a tub of that will look in my bathroom!

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