Tatcha Indigo, or a Cure for Winter Blues


I’m trading in my winter blues (of the SAD variety) for Tatcha’s new Indigo collection. Tatcha is at it again, bringing the ancient beauty secrets of geishas into the modern era.  That delicious looking vat of blue is the Indigo Body Butter. And it is every bit as blue as it appears, even on skin until you blend it in. I’ll call what comes next the indigo glow. The bright blue plant is a natural healer for skin conditions, like rashes and dermatitis, and some looking for a more holistic treatment use indigo instead of steroids or other prescription treatments to treat. In ancient Japan, samurais were said to wear an indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor to heal injuries. Talk about #ancientworldproblems. Though, I did nick my leg shaving last week, so there’s that. Nothing a little Indigo rub couldn’t handle.


And there’s more blue, too. Tatcha added a luxurious and seriously moisturizing hand cream (its first!) and a face BALM (cue my excitement) that I absolutely cannot wait to try. The product lover in me is fascinated by the blue, but the fact that it serves a purpose and isn’t a gimmick is why I’m a true fan!

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